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Do liberals ever stop complaining?

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They sound like angry 3 year olds on repeat

Ever get caught masturbating? by who?

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Best answer: almost, by my mom

Why do atheists like Jea refuse to apologize for their wrong doings?

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Best answer: she's too much of a coward & liar to ever admit she's wrong

Best answer: God has made His invisible qualities - His eternal wisdom and divine nature - plain to every man through what has been made so they have no excuse. They know... and we know that they know. A fool says in his heart 'there is no god', but they know it's a lie. Finding others like them, hoping that if... show more

Best answer: I will take the backed up septic tank. I can manage that by myself. although if I had a backed up system AND a Democrat representative, it would be worse, as there would be all these permits and fees for me to work on my own system, and smugly be told what and how to do it, by bureaucrats who no nothing about... show more

The reason is clear. False prophets wouldn't want to go that path because it's the path of most resistance. The few people that introduced scripture were faced with serious resistance and persecution.. Moses we all know the story. Muhammad was faced with fierce resistance. Joseph Smith was persecuted.... show more

What America city has the most poop in it?

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Best answer: I hear San Francisco is paved with poo.

Fireball, are you married to Satan?

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Best answer: Can i move to san fransisco

How many lies did Rachel Mitchell expose during Christy Ford's Senate testimony?

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Have you ever heard of the Zeta Reticuli star system?

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Best answer: look buddy. your grays do not exist. stop posting this crap

Best answer: A lack of intelligence, education and false information, gives conspiracy theorists/ flat earths a sense of deeper knowledge in comparison to everyone else. They are the susceptible people, outcasts, and easily manipulated people who are stimulated by eye catching YouTube videos and knowledge that they feel they... show more

Why when something good is happening Satan always comes at you to ruin it?

6 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 3 months ago
Best answer: Because Satan is the enemy and that's what he and his cohorts do 24/7 kill steal and destroy nonstop. He hates all of God's creations, especially mankind...

If it was flat there would be borders correct? Then how come air planes don't fly into direct space when reaching the border limits? Please prove me wrong.