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This is probably going to make me sound stupid but I don t understand how it works. How can one train depart on the exact same line e.g. Victoria (as it s entirely underground) and then another 5 minutes later? and will one line have two tracks so e.g. northbound and southbound

Certainly more so than a modern diesel I'd say.

Best answer: Since there is Federal Funding involved, they can pay it back and it can be used to finish the wall.

Do train drivers ever get lost?

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Best answer: If you mean do they not know the geography of the local area the train passes through (so in the event of a train being forced to make an unscheduled stop, they do not know where to go to seek help), yes, that can happen. If you mean do trains sometimes get accidently diverted onto the wrong track by the signalers... show more

Does Amtrak trains go to Florida?

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Best answer: Several Amtrak train routes go to Florida. Including the Auto Train, which only runs between Lorton, VA and Sanford, FL, one train each way, every day.

Whats so fun about watching trains?

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Best answer: It's not often that we can see a machine up close that is so powerful as a locomotive pulling a long string of cars.

How do I trade coal for steam?

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Best answer: Look for someone with some steam that wants to trade that steam for coal and make a deal.

What do you call the stations?

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Best answer: The stations that are passed by express trains would be called 'local' stations

Best answer: The distance between Maastricht and Groningen is around the same as a typical round trip daily commute for a tech worker in Palo Alto who lives in the Central Valley (because he can't afford to live closer to his job). So while Greyhound does cover the entire nation it's a much bigger undertaking than... show more

Best answer: Metal shrinks and warps under extreme cold. Cause fractures in the metal as well as breaking the bolts that keep them in place. Fire heats up the metal to prevent this as well as allows workers to make repairs. Not doing this can lead to trains derailment.

Best answer: The Trans-Siberian Railway. With a length of 9,289 kilometres (5,772 miles), it is the longest railway line in the world.