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will the classes be in english or french..

From childhood I always want to go abroad but never able to do because lack of money.Please give me some practical answer.

Best answer: You can get a degree in 5 minutes if you know the right person (what's the hurry? real education takes time). But yeah, there are 3 year Bachelor degree programs here in Canada, and probably the US too.

I live in the us, and I have no knowledge of the german language. I understand that for most programs I would need to know It, but I have found a family who I trust. I am in tenth grade, and I wish to go next year. I get that I might not be able to use a program like International Experience to do it, so could I... show more

Some context; I'm living in Ireland, and In a year I'll be finishing my final state exams, Which afterwards, I'll have to decide what I want to study. My problem is that, I feel very depressed living here, The weather is much poorer, and the people my age don't seem to have the same interests as me,... show more

Best answer: No. You really will need to have some Polish fluency to stay in Poland for any length of time, such as temporarily residing while going to school. You will need to deal with landlords to get an apartment, shopkeepers to buy groceries & supplies, get around on buses, etc. So you must have some Polish. The... show more

Best answer: Thinking and researching before taking action is always prudent decision shelldreamsoverseas consultancy will give you best advice.

i got hired at a very good company, they wanted someone with degree or at least studying, i am a student , i study at university but, at the moment i dont have a money to pay, thats why i want this job to pay my study, 1 week after they hired me, they asked me a document wich proofs that i am a student, i went to... show more

Best answer: From what I have seen in Europe everything closes on a Sunday. I very much doubt that a sorting office will be open., or any post boxes emptied.

Hey, I just need a few recommendations where to start looking. I'd like to study in the Netherlands. Can someone give me tips which universities they have hear of that offer English Law Bachelors ?

Best answer: The "super smart" part comes largely from your inherited intelligence. Some people are simply born smarter than others. You can, of course, improve by working at it. Set up study space with all your "tools" - computer, printer, dictionary & other reference materials, space for textbooks,... show more

Hi all, my name is Saif an Egyptian student living in Egypt. I am currently studying in Cairo University - Facility of agriculture biotechnology English program. I have just finished my first year. Anyhow i applied a while ago for a Turkish scholarship in the same field and I have been awarded with acceptance... show more

Best answer: You need to see what's offered in your country - wherever that is. Ask your school what options they're aware of. If you do get a scholarship - have you figured out how you're planning to cover the remaining costs? Visas, flights, rent...

I live in Pakistan and I am pursuing the Degree of Agriculture. Countries like US offer semester exchange program but I want to study in Australia. Is there any program by Australia where you can study one semester abroad and it is fully funded or less in cost? I am currently in fifth semester. if you know any... show more

Hi, I live in Japan and I'm in the 10th grade. I'm interensted in paleontology, so I will transfer to high school in canada for learn English and Paleontology in next year. at that time, I want to do some assistance for an intern. I think that will be a very good experience and study for me. Please let me... show more

For an example, American universities are all ranked higher than Chinese universities despite China being a bigger country. Shouldnt China have the best universities in the world since the Chinese are the smartest? why does the US have the best universities if we are supposed to be soo stupid and uneducated?