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Best answer: Never heard of an F 460 helicopter. The CH-46 Sea Knight is a transport helicopter.

Commercial Pilots License?

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Why don’t flight schools just start students off at a commercial pilots license? Like that’s what the military does so why can’t civilians to that? In my opinion they should just eliminate the private pilots license and just have everyone get the commercial license.

Best answer: Pilot relief tube. Search on Internet here:

Best answer: First of all, congrats on your dream of becoming a pilot! Flying is just awesome. Second, you don't need to get a degree in aviation to be a commercial pilot. You can get all your ratings from a non-university flight school at a municipal airport. I used to work at a flight school at a small municipal... show more

How close can a plane get to Area 51?

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Best answer: The absolute closest you can get to Groom Lake is about 12 nautical miles, at a point east of the center of the salt flat. This would put your aircraft just outside restricted areas R-4808N and R-4806W. There's Alamo, a public use airport, just 15 miles further east, and between this airport and tours out of... show more

Best answer: As I was typing, JetDoc beat me too it. 'Nuff said.

Best answer: The following airports meet the FAA design standards for the A380: Anchorage International Airport Denver International Airport Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport John F. Kennedy International Airport Los Angeles International Airport Orlando International Airport Miami International Airport San... show more

Best answer: Three crap answers. Radar coverage, and VHF radio communications, end about 200 miles out from shore. (Laws of physics, and curvature of the Earth.) Formal Air Traffic Control does not apply in that uncovered space. Flight crews follow their flight plans, and depend on greater sequence spacing, and onboard... show more

Best answer: Most "transpacific" flights don't actually fly over the pacific. They follow a northern arc.

Best answer: "Cloud" connectivity, as generally described, needs a mobile network. Last I looked, there weren't a lot of cell phone towers in the ocean. What you need is satellite connectivity. We are already seeing maintenance data that often duplicates some of the flight data recorder information going that... show more