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Asking for a friend since he had inappropriate pics and history he got rid of 6 months, his school is in 50 million debt tho

Best answer: NO, that is not safe. Also do not do any banking on a public wifi network.

Hacker code of honor?

7 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: I once met a criminal who had spent 14 years in prison. He said that codes of honor are b.s. because criminals always do what's in their best interest. There is no hacker code of honor. I'd completely ignore the spammer because he's trying to hook you. If you're worried about something getting out,... show more

avast antivirus still supports xp, if i use it with avast will it be ok? if not how dangerous is it? how likely is something to happen

Been using the paid version of AVG and am sick of it constantly advertising other AVG products at me. It seems like at least twice a day it's popping up to tell me I suck for not also having their VPN, and their PC tune up, and whatever other nonsense they deem necessary. Anyone recommend a good anti-virus,... show more

Best answer: i've bought stuff off craigslist without getting scammed but i also think they do have a problem over there with that. i'm not quick to use it any more

Can i answer a security question?

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Best answer: It depends on your privacy settings, your password, if you have two factor authentication setup, and what type of access you mean. It's probably not too hard for a hacker to view your social media as a fake "friend", but it is very difficult for a hacker to gain full access to your social media if... show more

My neighbor gave me their old car. It's a 1991 Ford Escort. I'm thinking about putting in a new stereo How difficult would that be cause I've never done it before.

back on, and they overlap/replace my homepage. I have not downloaded foreign apps/programs/etc and I usually have 3 ads that pop up so I have to close the internet again 3 times before I can use it normally again. Please help… Thanks :)

How is it possible?

Best answer: If it was a Microsoft employee, they might have had a good reason. If somebody called you and said "This is Microsoft, we have found a problem with your computer, we need to use remote access to fix it," you have a real problem now.

Best answer: If you never get data from somewhere else (Internet, a USB drive, a commercial disk), no. But most people do put something from somewhere else on their computers. So one would be safer with protection from an anti-virus program. In the past, people thought that most all viruses were written for Windows or DOS... show more