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Do you like this kind of dresses?

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Why am i so extremely cute?

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I am a 8 or 9 out of 10 I am too cute and too sweet I know that all guys here who saw my picture had a erection for sure!

Is she pretty?

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Scale 1-10

I have a job interview at a local supermarket tomorrow and it is in the morning so I would have to miss some school. Would it be appropriate for me to wear school uniform or does that look like im not trying? If school uniform isnt a good idea then what should i wear? I am a fifteen year old girl btw. Any help is... show more

waxing or shaving

Why do ugly people exist?

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Evolution should get rid of ugly people

A few girls at my college told me recently today that I remind them a lot like Zac Efron in the face. I’m not sure if they’re just saying this to make me feel better about my self or something, but i’m really curious as to whether or not they were bs’ing me or not. Anyways I came here for the least bias responses,... show more

Essentially, I'm a teenage girl. At this point even I've realised that my levels of self hate are through the roof - but there's not much I can do to change how I feel. about myself. Especially because the self hate is warranted. I have a really really ugly body. Sometimes I really think that when I... show more

Best answer: I use Maybelline in white pearl because I love pearly polish. For a french manicure I heart the dior abricot in the pink shade.

Best answer: When you take a selfie it's always at the same angle, or maybe a couple different ones but you can't see ALL the angles in selfies when you see yourself in other pictures or videos you get to see what most people see because we aren't all up in your face

I am 16 and have a typical model physique (5'10 with 34-24-34 measurements). People have told me that I should try modeling but I dunno much about it. I am interested in the idea though and would like to know more.

Best answer: maybe ugly people get so bitter about their looks that they get a bad personality

Best answer: Read up about the "Halo" effect. Many people like being around attractive people, thinking that reflects well on them. Plus, psychologically speaking many people think that attractive people are actually better people, more intelligent, humane, more likely to be likable.

Will the magnets be strong enough to hold if you ride a roller coaster, or will they blow off? Is it better to go with regular eyelash extensions?