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Do you use deodorant?

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Best answer: of course

Does it look stupid for a male to only have left ear pierced?

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Few days ago I got both done but the right one is at a weird angle and looks stupid from behind. Want to take the right one out and leave the left in

Do you like the smell of cocoa butter?

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What makes underarms smell?

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Did you know the whole world adores Russia?

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What are my?

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Is this a lot of piercings?

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I am 19. I have a smiley piercing, medusa, septum and 2 single nose piercings.

According to standards, are Somali women the prettiest?

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they have: small nose large lips wide eyes big forehead triangular jaw shape straight hair

Best answer: Pretty much, yeah.

I regret getting my belly button pierced? Help?

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This time I did go to get it done the proper way. At first I had been wanting to get it. I got it done yesterday in the evening. But then I thought about it and decided that it just doesn't suit me and I didn't really like it. Plus it looked cheap and trashy. This morning I took it out, and it's already... show more

My friends and Family are very honest in a good way, and they tell me I have bad body odor. Despite the fact that I shower properly every Day, and use deodorant! It’s rediculous how bad I smell even though I practically break my *** in efforts to be hygienic. Is there anything I could be missing? Am l not eating... show more

Poll have you got the perfect body?

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There's a specific tattoo I've been wanting to get for almost a year now. I'm 20 and in college, but I still live at home. My parents wouldn't kick me out or anything if I got this tattoo, but they've made it clear that they would disapprove of my getting one. I do love my parents and don't... show more

Best answer: Piercings don't lead to tattoos and bad behavior. If you feel at 15 she's mature enough to decide that's what she wants let her. If someone judges her for it that's their problem not hers.

Should I not wear lotion if I have oily skin?

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Why do they always require ID for a tattoo?

10 answers · Tattoos · 7 days ago
Im 48 and got my first tattoo a couple weeks ago. I was asked to show some ID before getting it. I understand that there are age requirements for getting tattooed. But I am clearly 16 or 18 or whatever the age requirement is to get a tattoo in Michigan. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was carded for... show more