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Makeup routine? for a 12 year old?

12 answers · 2 days ago
clear mascara light blush lip gloss does that sound ok? dont say 'none' or 'you're too young'

Best answer: Victoria.

clear mascara lip balm/gloss blush or eyeshadow? which one all that sound ok? don t be mean please

Best answer: Stupidity! and Fox News.

Best answer: because it makes your lips stand out like brightly colored sticks.

I really want to get a brow product so I can fill in my brows but idk if I should spend the money on it

Best answer: You don't have to use specific brushes for what they are labeled for. i use a foundation brush to apply blush. I use an eye shadow brush to blend my highlight and contour. You can use whatever brush or tool you want.

Do i have to use mascara?

14 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Mascara is not a necessity.

Best answer: I can recommend Giorgio Armani Fabric Silk Foundation and for heavier coverage, Estee Lauder Double Wear (for very light coverage you can use the light version of this). Theu do require a bit of powder during the day. I wish I could back to mousse foundation, but it looked like a mask.


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is good to buy toiletries from dollar store or is better buy from Walmart for toiletries

What's a good makeup artist name?

5 answers · 5 days ago
Currently making a professional website and Instagram for my makeup work. Butttttt I am struggling with a catchy handle. My name is Chelsea Martinez. I was thinking chelsea aesthetix / chelsea aesthetic / beauty by chelsea/ chelsea luxury glam / makeup by martinez/ ms. glamorous I'm a very colorful... show more

Ok so you guys know the maybelline fit me foundation (a drugstore foundation) which retails in USA at around $6-7? Yeah, that costs $21 in Australia. $6 USD is around $8.50 in AUD. So why is it so expensive in the stores?? Is there any reason why? I just wanna play around with cheap makeup but even the cheap... show more

Best answer: There is this cultural idea (a bad one in my opinion) that lighter skin is more desirable. People in cultures like that do all kinds of strange things to make themselves look more white. Seems silly to me. White people like tanning (i.e. making their skin darker) and dark skinned people often want to be lighter.... show more