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What should I do?

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My boyfriend wants me to dye my hair blonde and he always talks about how much he likes blonde hair and that he thinks blondes are hotter.

How often do you get your hair cut?

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Everyone is SAYiNg tHAT IM GROSS! I DONT KNOW WHAT tO DO ABOUT IT! THEY ARE TELLinG me to SHAVE it MY I AM NOT WILLING TO CUT SKIN MYSELF! Plz! Does anyone know how to stop armpit hair from GROWING?

Your hair color..?

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Best answer: only black is real

Best answer: Whenever it's inconvenient or dead looking or whenever you want one basically.

Best answer: You can use coconut oil

Hello, I have tried next to everything to get rid of my dandruff. I’ve tried numerous shampoos and I’ve also used coconut oil AND NOTHING works I even got expensive shampoo from the pharmacy. I even tried putting apple cider vinegar in my hair and nothing is working. When I put my hand through my hair it’s like... show more

Best answer: they both can

Best answer: In their twenties

Best answer: Hair is biologically seen as a healthy and youthful thing. Healthy people have hair. Young people have hair. Hair completely changes the way someone looks and makes people more attractive

I am just wondering if there any girls with medium or long hair that never use a claw clip (hair clamp) to put their hair up.

Gray hair looks good on me?

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How to get rid of frizzy hair?

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Best answer: Frizzy hair is dry hair. Usually thick hair is pretty dry to begin with. Do deep conditioning masks weekly. You can buy them at a store, or you can make your own. Personally, I just use coconut oil. I saturate my hair in coconut oil in the morning, then clip it up and go about my day. I check the hair every... show more

Would this be an ok hair cut?

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I want to get a 6 on top, 4 on the sides with a #2 taper on the back and sides, and an edge up. If so how do I ask the barber for this? thanks.

Best answer: Red hair can be a dominant colour when it comes to genetics. Blond hair is a recessive genetic trait. So your baby may have red or strawberry blond hair. There's about a 50 / 50 chance that your baby could have green or blue eyes. Or your baby could end up with turquoise eyes. Any one can look this up on the... show more

Best answer: No it’s not