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Getting pregnant when you don’t have the means to support the child is selfish. I’ve argued with religious individuals they say that it’s already written which I do think is true. I also do believe that you have FREE WILL. If you don’t have anything and are living in poverty why conceive ? Why complicate life , and... show more

Is the internet good for children?

5 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: It are not good for children. .

Should I keep the babysit not?

7 answers · 1 week ago
I am 27 years old engaged with a good stable job working for the government along with my fiancé, but currently live with my mom (Fiancé lives with his mom). The plan has always been to look for houses right after the wedding. We already booked a wedding for 12/7/19. I just found out I am pregnant last week and I... show more

I’m single so far but I always had that doubt in my mind what people who are expecting both men and woman feel when they realize they’ll be sad/mom for the first time.

Best answer: Just tell her the truth , you don't want your kid around a boy that dresses like a girl .

My wife and I have been married for 5 years and my wife is pregnant with kid number 3. We are traditional Catholics and we therefore believe that artificial contraception is sinful. Whenever people ask me how many kids we want, I always tell them that it's however many God will bless us with. I make it very... show more

My boyfriend is lying about having a paternity test done on a child by his ex. The child was born before we were even together so that’s not a a problem. He says the baby isn’t his and I didn’t initially believe it was his Baby from the story he told me at first but now that he has lied and the girl keeps... show more

To much sx while pregnant?

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Is it true that babies can feel your emotions when pregnant mad sad happy but what about sx and also my teacher told everypne to much masturbath ing and sex will make your child as they get older very sexual is that true

Best answer: It's your life do what makes you happy.

Best answer: To me ... Ummmm yep. That's over double your age.

If I’m underage and I get pregnant, can I be forced to take a paternity test if I don’t want to say who the father is?

Best answer: I want a mix, but predominantly want sons. Men usually want a house of girls to be "daddy's little girl" or a princess foe him to spoil. I think it's the whole daddy kink thing and a lot of issues with incest in the media leading to people having an issue with it

Why do pregnant women cry a lot ?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Physically, because some women find pregnancy very stressful. There are hormonal changes that vary wildly, during and after pregnancy. Also, it's because the father does not offer emotional support.