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Best answer: Because you know no truth about it if you keep parroting “witch hunt.” Cons have this obvious need to be sheltered and fed pablum about the criminal in the Oval Office. Everyone else in the country sees new revelations every day, now coming very quickly, that confirm the unAmerican actions of the Trump Mafia. It’s... show more

I have a 13 month old son and I really would love another baby but I know the doctor recommends to wait at least 2 years to have another baby? Would you wait 2 years? If not, how long would you wait?

Hi. Can you get pregnant any time of the month or do you have to be ovulating? isn't there a chance to get pregnant even if you're on your period or whenever really? been trying for a baby with my husband for about 6 months with no luck! we are trying to have sex every single night or 2 for the entire... show more

I got my period november 20th. my cycles 35 days and my fertile week started today. Its been 68 hours since I had sex and plan B doesnt work when you ovulated. Did I ovulate yet? What do I do! Help!

My boyfriend and I are planning on becoming engaged within the next 3-9 months. We're not planning on having sex until we're married and we plan to get married in possibly Spring 2020. I personally want to try conceiving on our wedding night because I REALLY want kids. Two of the female friends I've... show more

My BF and I had unprotected sex 8days ago he did pull out but *** on top of my vagina and little on my upper thigh, it's been 8 days ago we also have been starting out having sex for like 5 mins with no birth control and putting in a condom for about a week now. Is it to soon to take a pregnancy if I am... show more

Best answer: Well, since they cannot get pregnant, there is only ONE choice....raise someone else's baby either through adoption or foster care.

I only want sons and no daughters. I only want sons and no daughters. Is there any way I can make sure that happens? Even my wife might agree there is no value in having a daughter

I had unprotected sex on Sunday and he finished inside me. I got the morning after pill and took it yesterday but the pharmacist said because my periods are irregular I might have already ovulated which would mean that his sperm have already reached the egg and started to fertilise it. I tried to work out the dates... show more

How can i cleanse my womb ?

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Me and my boyfriend decided it’s time to start a family last week we had sex and he came in me it’s been a week since we conceived how soon should I start having symptoms? My period is due to come on December 2nd

How are fraternal triplets formed?

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If fraternal twins are formed one in each ovary, how can they form fraternal triplets when women don't have three ovaries?

Is pregnancy possible?

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I had sex with my partner on November 11th he came inside me , we have been trying . on the 14th that's when I became fertile and on the 19th was ovulation day . I searched and says sperm can live up to 5-7 days so can it be possible I may be pregnant ?

Chances of pregnancy?

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Best answer: You need to speak to an OBGYN and have an evaluation. You are quite old to be having such irregular periods. Depending on what is causing it (poly-cystic ovaries being a first guess) it could be easy or impossible to get pregnant. Only a doctor can let you know for sure about your future fertility being affected.... show more

Best answer: I think you are just testing too soon. Only 8 days past ovulation is a week before you'd miss your period and well before most drugstore urine tests would be able to detect enough HCG to register a strong positive. Chill out. Take a break. Either call your Ob/Gyn and go in for a blood test or wait until... show more

Ok, so this morning I had unprotected sex with my husband. We didn't use any kind of protection and needless to say, we are not ready for baby #3. Today is my ovulation day. I know I'm ovulating because I cramp the exact day it happens. So today I have been cramping like crazy which means I'm definitely... show more

I got a positive opk Nov.15th. We had sex on 11,12,15. Today I got a BFN. The only difference I’m feeling is extremely tired and a bit moody with constipation and a bit diarrhea. Is it too early to tell? When did you find out? What were your first symptoms? I was diagnosed with PCOS last week so I’m trying... show more

I'm 26 and my hubby and I have been trying for a baby for 2 years now. We use absolutely no form of BC and still no luck yet. A big problem for us is that he masturbates a lot and he has gotten use to his hand grip on his penis and can only ejaculates during masturbation. I get so upset at him for masturbating... show more