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Best answer: You want people here to tell you not to worry? Sorry. We don't know if she's pregnant either. If this happened at the "wrong" time in her menstral cycle then she could be. If it happened yesterday or today it's not too late for her to take a Plan B pill but if she's under 17 she will have... show more

Best answer: As a pregnant woman (who is approximately seven and a half months along and gets winded just from getting out of bed to go to the bathroom that's barely even two feet away, lol), I would have to agree. Now, if you're having a complicated pregnancy (something I'm sure no one plans for even though they do... show more

Do most women at 39 weeks pregnant go out and about To thr park and walk Around town etc? Hes mad that it's gonna be 60 degrees and I might not be able to go out. Not to mention I have zero energy at this stage

So I’m 5 weeks pregnant according to the calendar. And I don’t have any cravings, or morning sickness. But I do have sore breasts, mood swings, cramping (feels like period pains), a little bit of discharge, and small amounts of nausea during the day. I say I don’t get morning sickness, but I’m not entirely sure if... show more

Best answer: Nobody should ever force someone else to have an abortion for any reason, it's the person who is pregnant that gets to choose. And for the record I'm not a racist. There is only one race: the human race.

We had sex about 5 days before I'm due to ovulate and he pulled out. Has anyone got pregnant that way? Pulling out days before ovulation? What are the chances of sperm in precum ( if there's any) to survive that long to fertilize the egg?

I have 1 child. I had a hard pregnancy and cannot imagine doing it again. Is that selfish of me as a Mom to not give my child a sibling/best friend? I feel bad for her. . .

Me and my boyfriend were mutual masturbating and then he ejaculated near my vagina but not inside I’m really really stressed out that I might be pregnant , I’m a virgin and it was near but not too close can it still make me pregnant ?

Is this normal?

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I had unprotected sex on Tuesday night, got my period on Wednesday morning (red with clots), but this was a week earlier than normal. I took a morning after pill on Thursday morning, and my period stopped (some spotting) on Friday. Is this a result of my body being thrown off because of the pill, or could I be... show more

Is spicy food good for a pregnancy?

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Supposedly That week was her ovulation week, should I be worried,