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I think im pregnant?

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Best answer: Pregnancy test kits available off the shelf for less than ten dollars at most stores . If the cheap Pg test kit indicates positive then go to a local clinic to get more reliable results.& advice.

Ice cream with pickles for example. Are cravings like that for real or is that just on TV?

Best answer: you are most likely pregnant, it could be a false positive sometimes that happens. to be sure have the doctor take your urine. if you don’t get ur period at all this month then you are definitely pregnant

Hi, I am expecting my first child. I’m 17 weeks today! For the longest time I always had hoped my first baby would be a boy. But then my partner made me want a little girl. So that’s what I’m hoping for, my first baby to be a girl! My gender appointment is December 18th, and my mom is planning to do a gender reveal... show more

Best answer: Dig through old photos of nudes you've sent out before. He doesn't have to know it's not recent.

Best answer: So go see a doctor if you are so stressed over this. It could have been a small cyst (no, that won't kill you), it could have been a small bloodclot in a small vein (no, that won't kill you), it could have been nothing.

Trying to get pregnant help?

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So my husband and I have just started trying for a baby, I am 19 and he’s 21. Last month (November) we’ve had sex about 10 times or more and each time he ejaculated in me my period was last month on the 6th-8th and today is now December 8th what are my odds that I might be pregnant? Lately I’ve been feeling more... show more

I'm 24, male, have Asperger's syndrome, no girlfriend and not married. I always thought birthdays happen at random. But now I know there is a certain amount of time from sex to pregnancy, and however many months pregnancy lasts in a trimester. My birthday is in july. My 1 brother and 2 sisters birthdays are... show more

(TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS PLEASE) Well me and my boyfriend were on his couch, he had just underwear on and I had underwear and pants on. Well we were basically dry humping each other and he came and it got on me, it only got just right above my vagina and I didn’t think too much of it. I used clorox wipes to wipe... show more

Does abortion kill babies?

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Am I pregnant ?

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My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time without a condom. He pulled out and I’m on birth control, but the day before I took my pill really late. Will this lower the effectiveness of the pill? Please help, I’m literally shaking and crying in fear that I’m pregnant and I’m only 15.

What's your opinion on abortion?

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Best answer: I think that most people who say, "Her body/her choice" don't really mean it. For most people there is a gestational point after which they believe abortion should be illegal and it should no longer be her body and her choice. For some, it is after the first trimester. For some, it is after 20 weeks... show more

Am i pregnant?

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Best answer: little possibility

Best answer: No, I’d keep my mouth shut. On the other hand, your “if” is a big “if.” I can’t imagine getting myself into that sort of a mess.

Best answer: Either that or he is stupid, lazy and in denial of basic biology

Should I take a pregnancy test?

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I had sex a few weeks ago. I realized today I am 9 days late. I am never late. I m freaking out a little and wondering if I should wait longer for my period or just take a test.