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My daughter and her boyfriend are attending a concert together the next day, and would have to leave in the morning as it is an an all day festival. She wants him to sleep over so they can get on the road the morning after. He lives 40 minutes north from us and she doesn't drive yet, so either he would have to... show more

Best answer: Your daughter needs to develop a voice and tell the step mother that she's not interested in discussing this topic. Repeat as needed. Something like "thanks but Mom (you) and I have this covered but thanks anyway."

Best answer: Ma'am, with due respect, you can't be opposed to spanking in some situations and not in others. And what makes you think that spanking a child who bullies other children is going to change the bully's behavior? I can tell you that it WON'T. All it will do is send the message that HITTING PEOPLE is... show more

There is a court ordered schedule for when each parent gets the child, however, the parent who primarily has the child asked the other parent to watch the child even though it is their time to have the child. The primary parent went out for the night to underage drink and smoke weed (weed is legal in our state... show more

Why Cant I love my step children?

7 answers · 22 hours ago
Best answer: you don't just magically love someone just because you are related to them. this is something people forget about family. because most people have family members that they love and that love them, they forget the fact that they have spent a lot of time together (usually their whole lives). that closeness for... show more

If a child wanted to play football or boxing but the mother or father wouldn't let them would that be allowed?

I'm 18 years old. I was told to go to the hospital and was admitted after getting the results from my well check. They found that my white blood cell count was about 8 times as high as it should be. They're worried it could be some form of leukemia so they are admitting me for more testing. Tomorrow morning... show more

OK I'm not really conformable saying this but my daughter is 3 years old and all my friends who have teenage daughters, are always struggling with them falling for older jerk boys who treat them like crap or abuse them. my best friends daughter Lizzy is 15 she was recently caught dating a boy who once beaten... show more

All children are naughty sometimes. Kids are not little robots. They make mistakes or have temper tantrums or be cheeky but violence is not the answer. I am very very anti spanking when it comes to everyday naughtiness. I also wouldn't spank my two children for running into traffic as that's my fault for... show more

My son rebelled?

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I went away for 6 months while he stayed with his dad I come home and he has started dressing like this!!! And he even let him attach his ears!! I found the photo attached in his Instagram account.

Best answer: Tell them you were in Heaven waiting to become a human so she/he could serve God.

I've heard of parents doing this before because their kids won't stop leaving their toys on the floor or because they're careless about the welfare of their belongings. To be honest I only agree with doing this as a last resort because for one if they're not going to take care of the toys then... show more

Best answer: Yeah its abuse to hit your child at all. But do you think adults give two sh*ts? With a real whip thats doing way to much....

How would you react if you left your 7 month old baby and 2 year old toddler with a close relative for 3-4 hours and you go to pick them up and find out that they left the baby sit in a soaking wet diaper because they said they never changed them but they changed the 2 year old and they were making the baby wait to... show more

Best answer: 1) It's odd because normal people know that having that many kids is completely impracticable, unrealistic, and unfeasible. 2) Most people are going to think that parents of so many children are nuts because managing 10 or more kids is unfathomably mind boggling to any normal person. I am sure that the... show more