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Best answer: Though I agree that if she told you she was a virgin and After marriage you found out she was not. That’s real bad of her. You are right to be upset. However, I would advise you to not care if she was promiscuous before marriage. As long as she was loyal while in a relationship with you and continues to be so... show more

I’ve been depressed most of my life, just a constant sadness, I used to cut myself for years I attempted suicide and got sent to hospital. I got a new boyfriend and he made me very happy for 2 months I forgot all about my depression but recently I’ve not been sad I’ve just been empty. Nothing brings me joy. All... show more

Why should i continue life?

6 answers · 19 hours ago
I havent had a bad upbringing or anything, not really abused or exposed to bad ****, but i just feel like ******* **** every day. The only thing that makes me feel ok about myself is taking a bunch of different drugs and getting ****** up everyday multiple times. Ive just had enough, nobody gives a **** about my... show more

I am so scared of dying that it interferes with my everyday life and I'm not really living. I'm also 16 and don't know what to do.I just quit my job, I have so much stress and anxiety, I am depressed and's so frustrating. I'm just so afraid that I might not get to live my live to the... show more

The Bible has warned us of the Deceiver coming into the world shortly before the Real Jesus returns. We should watch out for The Antichrist incarnating as an apparently human baby. I've been having this gut feeling that I SHOULDN'T get pregnant, from the moment I was a child and I've learnt about... show more

Best answer: Arizona is being over ran by wetbacks is the reason.

I believe that homeless people are lazy and need to stop begging I end up screaming in the car and it ruins my day to see them outside. I agree with pres trump about California . We should let it burn and cut funding. Because they have sanctuary cities and they a bunch of liberals. I BELIEVE all news but fox... show more

Best answer: Contact family, extended family, other friends, people from the community, local hospital and/or local police. Bring this to the attention of someone as a matter of urgency. Importantly, assure your friend he/she is not alone and they are important to you. Emphasize others care too and offer up unconditional... show more

Best answer: I am a perfect role model.

Best answer: No. I’m lazy but not that lazy.

Best answer: NO! DON'T GIVE UP! whatsoever! additional questions are to be asked in real life, in your area....

I talk to myself, am I crazy?

13 answers · 3 days ago
I don’t mean like “Geez where are my keys?” Or like I am talking to a physical person or demon. My situation is a little weird. Usually at night or when I’m alone I’ll just start talking about things or things about my day, but with an Australian accent. I’ll even start looking at places and laugh and everything... show more

This started about a year ago but it's gotten worse, every time I see someone I start thinking "oh I could kill them in this manner or in that manner" or if I see something sharp I'm like "Oh I could take that & stab myself in the eye with it" I mean what's wrong with me. I... show more

Men, women, animals, plants , mail boxes, school buses

Best answer: The doctor will ask you about your thoughts and your physiological reaction to certain situations. For example, does your heart race, do you get sweaty, or feel nauseous or faint when you walk into class. Do you assume people are judging you negatively? Are you able to function normally in school or social... show more

Everyone says I smell?

7 answers · 3 hours ago
I’m having a huge embarrassing problem! I don’t bathe as I HATE water and I might have a wash about once a week but only using a wash cloth because I HATE HATE HATE water!! But everyone says I stink!! I have IBS and sometimes my farts stick of raw cabbage, I had kids on the bus the other day laughing and giving me... show more

I'm already uncomfy about eating meat. Most of the days, I eat only white rice, fruits and vegetables. Those meat that you eat used to be a flesh & blood creature that was slaughtered, tortured and was stripped out of its freedom to live just to give you a $5 meal at mcdo's...