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Best answer: they'll vote for whoever the fake news tells them to.

I am alone and tormented via satan 24 hours a day even in my dreams. No one loves me not one person. I hate myself because of how bad the pain has become. This is hell. I'm over it. No one cares about me so I'm done.

Is this a suicide note?

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My dad sent me a message saying “life is full of surprises... I love you all.” And messaged my sister saying “I wish I could’ve been a better dad, I love you both” and also posted a status saying he loves everyone. He won’t answer my calls, does anyone know what this means?

Do I have a panic disorder?

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Best answer: Sounds like a panic attack. I have had one and it was diagnosed as such by a doctor. Although frightening you are not going to die because of one. The best advice I can give you and this is what the doctors told me so I know it works is find a PAPER bag it must not be plastic. Hold the paper bag over your mouth... show more

I go crazy. I've been able to survive at my job because my boss is in another state and instead of working 8 hours I can work 12 or even 14 hour days but with some rest and relax in between. Going straight at it is so difficult for me. This has changed as they hired a new coworker and he sees this but just... show more

What helps with depression?

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My therapist dosen't like me?

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He doesn't show it but his feet always point away from me and I've read that people do that when they dislike you. Should I get a new therapist?

Best answer: 100% not. You love the person as long as you're together so when they die, why do the feelings have to go away? You should love them literally forever.

Are you a twelve step believer?

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Do you miss those Spam Bots?

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Best answer: Oh, you again... I believe you're genuine, and that you're really struggling with this. From a place of obsession, OCD, and extreme anxiety.. Sh*t sucks! And you should seriously go see a shrink about this! Because it's apparently ruining your life, and it's just such a tragic waste! It's like..... show more

Why do we live?

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To me, life is a meaningless marathon, in which you keep running and running until you hit the dead end and die! Everything we try to achive are man made... all our goals and dreams are things made by ourselves and nothing is original... even the so-called "after life" is an "endless material and... show more

I’m autistic, is there a cure?

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Am I fat if I am 122lbs at 5'6??

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I'm 19...and a female...

Hi I'm 17 and I really want to die. I just hate living. Anyway, I never planned on killing myself or anything, but I always figured I wouldn't make it to adulthood. Even before I wanted to die I just figured I'd die really young Idk why. Because of this, I never thought too hard about my future because... show more