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What is your view on suicide?

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I constantly feel numb and empty. There's no point in anything, I hate myself. It feels like there's something (like dirt) next to me and I have the urge to remove it. There's nothing actually there, but I do everything to remove that feeling. I've continuously self harmed for the past 2 months,... show more

Are the mentally ill stupid?

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Constantly in here I how scientists are "manipulating" data to fake global warming. You've all seen the animated gifs of James Hansen or graphicconception's plot of temperature adjustments. If the warming is just due to data manipulation, how come nobody presents a different plot of global mean... show more

Executive Privilege. Have a nice day.

How can I calm my sister down ?

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My sister is really upset she found out Marilyn Manson has a girlfriend. She's got a boyfriend I don't know why she's upset over him. She's going to a dance with him tonight she doesn't want to go she's too upset but she's been looking forward to this dance all month. How can I calm her... show more

because I can’t get a job with no qualifications or no experience anyway, no one will hire me, I’ve tried.

Best answer: im not a fan but it would be sad if anyone died

Can a boy wear this?

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I get so enraged by certain people specifically.............

I majored in cosmetics and minored in film studies 7 years ago and still work a part time job as a waitress and have 45k left in student loan debt. I have no health insurance, the only bills I can afford to pay for are my phone bill, food and gas for my car. I make around 800 a month. Why did no one tell me these... show more

Best answer: Sure. Why not. Then let him argue with the secret service when he steps on to the property. It will make good tv tonight