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Best answer: I'm a Leo, you can get a Scorpio by your side or another Leo, I protect my friends if I have to, but since Scorpio is more compatible with Capricorn then get a Scorpio by your side. Search on what makes a Capricorn stronger and take that with you, don't fear your own Battle this is your chance to get... show more

What is your Zodiac Sign?

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I don't believe in astrology, just curious

As people? My Virgo mom gets annoyed with her Cancer sister to the point that she totally ignores her whenever she texts or calls. How do other Virgos feel about Cancers.

Why Virgos are the worst sign?

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Best answer: Gg allin was the probably the "nastiest" person alive and he was a Virgo GG Allin is one of rock music's most divisive figures. From his very non-PC lyrics to his forays into coprophilia and self-mutilation onstage, the New Hampshire punk did everything in his power to piss people off. Allin... show more

I wanna be white but I'm dark shittty brown Plzz help me

I get this vibe around them that they talk about people behind their backs

Why are Virgos so moody?

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all virgos I've been around can be so grouchy and the next minute be fine. they bi polar??

What zodiac sign do I look like?

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They are fat useless people

Best answer: How can you proud of something you never had any input in or control of? Some things just get inflicted on you whether you like it or not.

Best answer: Nail polish Chocolates A mermaid theme anything Funny calender Quirky jewelry

Best answer: Yes. I did 😁

Best answer: Yes, don't judge people on star signs it's rubbish, I know because my friends girlfriend was explaining it all to me and I was listening and asking questions and then she said your definitely a capricorn or something, it could have been something else but I'm a sagittarius. I know she is only one... show more

Best answer: You might find a few oddball Methodists here & there who believe in horoscopes but as a denomination, United Methodists do not.

Best answer: Most fat: TAURUS Most skinny: GeMINI