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And why ?

Best answer: Aqareuses isn’t a monster

Best answer: all I know is pisces is the worst human trash ever. sick, perverted vermin. scum that should be killed asap. Taurus and Capricorn are pure evil wicked abominations...they should be burned alive shot and made to suffer

What is her rising sign?

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Best answer: LOL I gotta hand it to you king..you really can bring out the b*tch in a b*tch and expose the trolls here..played this fool like a regular puppet-*****..look how mad she is 😂 Another Screenshot for the collection.(THE FB posse are gonna enjoy this one too) Damn bro this b*tch is sinking lower and lower into our... show more

Best answer: Just look at the human condition on planet earth. The great divide between the rich/poor, wars, mental illness, healthcare, jobless, homeless, education, divorce, suicides, murder, global warming, water and air pollution and so on. These conditions are happening right here on our home planet. Something as... show more

Is astrology real?

21 answers · 5 days ago

Why are Scorpio men so mysterious?

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Why are geminis so fake?

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They believe their own lies

Why are geminis So annoying?

6 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Eh not all are some are very quiet my bro is gemini amd he doesnt talk much

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How powerful are Pisces?

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Best answer: Astrology is fake.