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Best answer: It depends, if a person doesn't have self control, it hinders you. I have seen my self lost in it before & that that hurt me in various ways. Not soo much anymore, i pray i don't go back.

Is astronomy looking up?

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Do brothels serve good soup?

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I am Jesus Christ?

22 answers · 20 hours ago
I just figured out that I am Jesus Christ that's why I am tormented everyday of my life without peace and this is why God has forsaken me, it all makes sense now

Best answer: It would be easier just to sterilize everyone who voted for Trump.

Best answer: Wow y’all some retards.... ill be the first to say it, thank you for your service. Because apparently I’m the only mature person in this thread who can look past a bit of bad grammar considering most of you have much worse? I guess I’m the only one here that is great full for this person doing what he does

Why did Jack jump off the bridge?

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Will kites be popular on the moon?

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Best answer: Yes ,but not as good as kittens gasping

Give me the best jokes?

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Best answer: Three Irish men walk out of a bar. Hey,.. it could happen.

Best answer: we need more of them stores ,so we can store our thoughts