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I am celebrating my 34th birthday. 😎👍

Is sex dirty?

18 answers · 6 hours ago

Maybe we shouldn't b joking this whole place could go up in a huge fireball

Is it selfish to say Oh MY god?

24 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Not during sex. It's fine. Oh my goodness.. oh my... oh yes. Right there. Oh my fricking God.

What did Casper do before he died?

12 answers · 13 hours ago

Was Shakespeare playful?

16 answers · 3 days ago

Can we petition Trump to resign?

9 answers · 17 hours ago

Best answer: Funny

Best answer: Yes,the parents are very concerned for the welfare of their children.. Parents teach their kids how to earn welfare checks,& sell drugs at the same time. Then the children can afford the necessities of life like,drugs,hoes,assault weapons,& the latest $200 Air Jordan sneakers.

Best answer: No I brought drinks for everybody Iam not selfish

By using satellite and other electronic surveillance the foreign intelligence agencies can pinpoint the exact locations of heavy military equipment in the Continental United States. In all likelihood, the bulk of America’s military equipment is situated in proximity with the Interstate Highway, which was built... show more

I learned they get free checks for life in the Army an if your married to them you can get half the check goes to you but i'm not married to him but I copied his Name from his card Is there a way I can go to court and get the judge to give me half his pay for life?