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I have a Vizio 2.1 soundbar with wireless subwoofer on its way this week and I am trying to determine how I will connect it to my receiver when it arrives. Links below are diagrams of both the soundbar and receiver back panels. What I am thinking about doing is using speaker wire out of the receiver from one of the... show more

How to work sony DVD player?

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Gigantic subwoofer. Value?

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It is an Electrovoice 30W. It is 30 inches wide with a Styrofoam cone. I found it in an old church and they don't even know it is there.

Best answer: The room is basically a small bedroom. If you need to go beyond what the tv provides, I have to assume sound quality is the driving need, not loudness. You really are not going to find that in the sub 100 dollar market. Just barely okay sound is going to be the rule. On the other hand you do not need giant speakers... show more

I had recently purchased a custom made home theater system from a local electronics store. Shopkeeper told that the total power output on the dec was around 250watt RMS (he wasn't sure tho). My question is can my home theater dec run 12 in subwoofer( pioneer TS-W306R) without the help of external power or amp.

Hello, I have a Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP 2.1 Speaker Sound System with Subwoofer and Control Pod which has been working for months, but recently one of the speakers stopped working for no reason. Its not an issue with my computer as I pluged in the speakers to my phone as well. Any tips?

I have a terrible time hearing the dialogue while watching TV unless I use headphones. But when I plug the jack into the audio/video receiver, the sound goes mute and my wife cannot listen. Is there a way to separately control the volume of the headphones and TV speakers? I have a five year old Denon A/V receiver.

I have a Samsung 5.1 home cinema system. I don't want to degrade the sound, but the system is cracking up, I don't like all the wires, and Christmas is coming. A soundbar with rear wireless speakers would solve the last three issues, but would the sound be better? If not, what alternative set up or brand do... show more

My monitor and PC are connected via HDMI, and am trying to use a DVI/HDMI cable to connect to my surround sound reciever. My surround is HDMI out, so I'm thinking my cable is backwards from what I needed. But I'm hoping someone with more understanding will confirm this or tell me what I'm doing wrong,... show more

Connected piano to reciever?

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A piano I'm thinking about getting has a 1/4 inch headphone jack. Now could I use a single 1/4 cable that splits into a L/R and connect that to my receiver, would that work fine for transferring the sound of the piano to my sound system?

Why are Hi-Fi system so heavy.?

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Just wondering why are stereo systems so heavy. i mean like proper cinema systems or cabinet hi-fi. what’s in them that makes them so heavy to lift.?

I found a pair of Infinity Crescendo Home speakers at a thrift store thinking they'd be easy to repair. The speakers need replacement but the fasteners holding them in is a totally unfamiliar fastener, it is not a typical phillips head, torx, square drive, flathead or anything else. Any idea how to remove these... show more

I've never done this before. I had some big speakers lying around, Mission M71's, and I want to hook them up to my computer, or preferably to the output of my audio interface (I make music, but so far only with headphones). Apparently they used to be connected to a CD reciever. I'm guessing I can just... show more