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Can i buy a router and add to my home network but use it as an Ethernet connection ? just plug it into my computer ?

I work in a pub and the customer free WiFi is less strong/struggles to connect upstairs. If I was to get a home plug, would that work for free WiFi? Or only WiFi you pay for with a password? Many thanks

I want internet somehow at two apartments in the same building. I am not for sure wifi will reach from one to the other as I don t know the apartment number or floor yet. However the manager is working on getting me in and it will likely be in the end of December. I am staying with another person here for time... show more

Any way to lower ping?

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These past 2 months my ping got from 40-50 to 80-90. Any advice?

Looking for cheap but fast WiFi connection

How do I share WiFi in a hotel?

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We live in the country and the only package available is 25 mbps. Me and my stepbro both are video gamers. I am 20 and he is 15. He likes to stream youtube music, and a youtube fortnite player on mute, all while facetiming his friends, and playing fortnite on his ps4. All that i use is my ps4 to try to play Call... show more

When I go into settings, there IS a tick next to the wifi name and it says its connected, however there isn't a wifi symbol at the top of the screen. Safari and Instagram don't connect either so it isn't just that the wifi symbol disappeared. my Mac connects fine so I'm confused as to why my IPhone... show more

Best answer: "Let me go get my supervisor/spouse/anyone else." Wait as long as you want. "What was your name again? And you're calling from what organization?" "And this is regarding what, exactly? Oh, we did that last week. It's already been taken care of. Check your records. I'll... show more

I ve this fan next to my computer, they connected together in the same electric pocket and every time I turn it off, the internet in my computer goes off. Not only that, there is a 2nd floor in my house, and whenever someone turns the light of that floor, the internet also goes off. Note my house is 3 stories and... show more

Up until yesterday we had a couple laptops, a couple cellphones, and a PS3 that all worked on our home wifi. Our ISP had an outage that lasted about 4 hours, and since it came back the laptops still work fine but the cell phones and PS3 will connect to wifi but can't access the internet. I've spent all day... show more