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I have a Zoom H1 microphone and an Insignia lapel microphone. When I plug the Insignia into the Zoom H1 line in, I am not able to record the sound. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Hiya, I want to get an action camera to capture the highlights of my Orlando trip with my husband in September. I have been scouring the internet for the best fit for this purpose and I’ve hit a brick wall. I was wondering if any action camera fans or those who have used action cameras on holidays could help me... show more

I need it to provide proof footage of abuse and neglect in a mental health facility and show it to the higher ups from administration office so we can fire the current staff.

Best answer: If the system came with an receiving antenna you need to experiment with moving it around. I had to fiddle with my wireless 2.4Ghz security cameras and the antenna a bit to get them to work consistently. You also probably can buy an extension cable to allow the antenna to be closer to the cameras. It all comes... show more

Best answer: An "analog/digital converter" or "capture card". I use Blackmagic Design makes a good converter in its "Shuttle" line.

Best answer: You are describing a wireless lavaliere mic (sometimes called a "lapel" mic because they come with a clip for a lapel or collar rather than taped to skin. The lavaliere is connected using a thin wire to a battery powered transmitter. The transmitter sends the audio signal, wirelessly, to a base station.... show more

Best answer: Pictures taken in low light look way better.

Best answer: Not worth the trouble. You can get approximately the same results with standard 8mm (rather than Hi8) or you could shoot in HD (MiniDV or even a new model of today) and downres in editing.

I m looking for a camera?

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Every camera seems to be really bad or really expensive, I want one that s alright. I m looking for a 1080p 60fps camera without fish eye lens and with a external mic port. I don t know if I m asking too much but I don t wanna spend more than 250 dollars and it would be nice if the quality didn t drop... show more

Best answer: lemme guess. You use your own eyes

is there a way to save it?

There's no way to tell if it's on focus.