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Hi, how to keep myself buzy?

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It says, cloud computing, design and planning. Is this related to meteorological experimentation? or precipitation forecast?

I was put into an group that I make awkward because I'm like the newbie. If I dont contribute, then I fail. Neither of them talk to or try to include me in the project. There's nobody else to work with so I'm stuck here.

I m not worried, but just curious. I know a browser s cache stores more or less the skeleton if a web page so it takes less data and time to load. My question is, however, does the cache also store whatyou do on the website to an extent ? I know technically the cookie is responsible for saving your password,... show more

there is this kpop forum that i came across a long time ago, but only recently i felt like opening an account. i m having problems since i m not familiar with the interface and the rules, i don t know how to make posts, it seems like they won t validate my profile. it s been months already, and i can only read and... show more

Best answer: Nope, how "dynamic" content is going to come from? That always involve some server-side.

im planing to start study new thing so which is better and more effective in work market ? 1- Java Android Mobile Development : 2- MCSA Web Applications ( MVC) 3- Oracle ADF 12c - JDeveloper Diploma 4- full stack Web Design & Web Development 5-Linux Administration

Best answer: from here on in, I will call you an 'aircraft carrier American' ...........................

Am i wasting my time mastering basic and procedural css,javascript,php? I know basics of these languages but i feel i need to master them even more, would i be better off mastering libraries and frameworks instead?

Best answer: Chrome and Firefox use separate processes for tabs, but I'm pretty sure plugins are threads, since they need to access the same memory space as the tab itself.

An engine is in my car. And a spare in the trunk. And I guess I should count the one under the hood too.