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How to search anonymously the internet ?

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Why does the internet feel so empty these days?

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Best answer: The browser based web was developed by Netscape. The government did the hardware side, but Netscape was the one with the vision. Then Microsoft used their monopoly to bankrupt them.

Why does facebook take 30 days to delete account?

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I have a youtube channel, which is pretty small. I never know what people want to see. I feel like just random videos aren't interesting to people. So I need help.

PS... this is not homework.

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Normally, I would assume that her friends are busy and haven’t had the time to check out the link. However, this FB friend is my ex-girlfriend who treated me like crap. She had this “dark ages” attitude where a woman shouldn’t have to work or pay for anything, even if it means lending her man a helping hand when... show more

Best answer: Nobody is Going to Help you Break the Law Hacking into Someones Account no matter what the Reason is Is Illegal Not to Mention Very Wrong if someone Blocked you Trying to Remove your Self from the Block List on there Account can be Considered Harassment

What happened to Lindsey Lohan’s twin sister?

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Best answer: her name was Mindsey Lohan and shortly after filming the parent trap she died of a meth overdose in an Arby's bathroom.