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Hp computer won t do anything?

8 answers · Desktops · 1 day ago
My hp computer is so slow. It won t let me click on the start menu. If I open a program it takes ten minutes to click on one aspect of the program then you have to wait and hope it doesn t freeze. I just ran a full virus scan which came back clean. Defrag. Optimized disk. Cleaned all temp files etc. Also ran in... show more

Is face book down for the moment?

17 answers · Facebook · 1 day ago

Is Facebook not working right now?

13 answers · Facebook · 1 day ago

Being harassed?

15 answers · Facebook · 3 days ago
These two girls are harassing me on Facebook, i a not bothering anyone and still being harassed. i'm afraid they might find out where i live because my parents aren't well and I don't want anything to happen. I called the police and they didn't want to do anything to help

Where will the Computer be in 2050?

9 answers · Desktops · 20 hours ago

Cpu question?

7 answers · Desktops · 12 hours ago
anyone know how to use 100 percent of cpu i have i5 2500 and im currently getting 12 fps on old titles lowest settings cpu says its only using 20 percent

Anyone elses FB not working on their computer?

7 answers · Facebook · 1 day ago
Best answer: they were just making some changes - it should be fine now

How long should a laptop last and when should I get a new one?

6 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 16 hours ago

How can I increase storage for my laptop?

20 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 5 days ago
I have a laptop with just 32GB and apparently it can't be upgraded. It only cost $100. But I can't even get Windows updates cause of no room. Should I delete Office 365 since I never use it and it's 2 GB?

So my parents' pc died and i thought i could give them one of my old systems until they get a new one but i'm not sure if this thing is still capable of handling basic stuff. before i start installing windows and all the programs i want to make sure that i wont waste my time... what do you think? can it... show more

List primary tool for coding?

11 answers · Programming & Design · 3 days ago

Did Facebook just crash?

7 answers · Facebook · 1 day ago

Can my laptop be repaired?

8 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 2 days ago
For a while now, my Toshiba laptop (I m not sure of the spec) has had broken hinges - it can t sit open without support from behind. However, this has meant the screen has been at risk, and yesterday it stopped working. Can it be repaired?

Can i plug a router and my computer and use Ethernet?

8 answers · Computer Networking · 2 days ago
Can i buy a router and add to my home network but use it as an Ethernet connection ? just plug it into my computer ?

Is there a Windows 9? And if so how can i install it?

26 answers · Software · 1 week ago
Best answer: There was a Windows 9 but Microsoft deemed it so bad they never even attempted to announce it so they went straight to 10. I don't know whatever happened to the team that was working on 9 though because as far as 10 is right now, I'm pretty sure, they weren't that far behind.