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Can you track a cell phone without the person knowing? Is there any legit programs?

So I’m 17 not allowed to have a bf yet but I do (ik rebel), but in all seriousness I accidentally dropped my phone and the right side of the screen wouldn’t work anymore (and a lot of other problems), my dad tried to get it fixed but they said it would be impossible, so he bought a new phone which will be delivered... show more

Is the iphone 8 too big?

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Best answer: The iPhone XR and iPhone X is not that big, but it's bigger than an iPhone 6. Just go to a store and ask to put one in your pocket. Size is so subjective. I have an iPhone XS Max and it fits in my pocket perfectly.

Best answer: If the child is responsible, I would say around 11-12 . I got my first phone when I was 11 1/2 . Only if the child is responsible. The first phone I got was an LG flip phone which I had till I was 13 then I got a Alcatel smartphone. If you don't know if the child is responsible then I suggest you get them... show more

Best answer: they said that about mobile phones in the 90's, because a builder always on his phone died of a brain tumour. Well a lot of mobile phone users then didn't die of brain tumours. I doubt if it is true, I'm pretty sure people will have said radio and TV was going to kill everyone. Peolpe in the 19th... show more

IPhone or Android? Which you prefer?

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Best answer: i would give it back, if it was yours youd want sonneone to give it back to you so do unto others

Smartphones or ipads?

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Best answer: Smart phone . Had an iPad . Didnt think much of it

Ok so I was FaceTiming with my guy and out of nowhere I couldn’t hear him....and according to him he couldn’t hear me too but we could still see each other. For those couple of seconds my volume went completely staticky and then it sounded like that ghost box they use in buzzfeed unsolved. THEN a mans voice that... show more

Best answer: It most likely is because T-Mobile might not have good coverage in your area. Also, it could be because T-Mobile might use some bands in your area that your phone doesn't support. You're using an S4, which is nearly 6 years old at this point. The latest official software is Android 5.x... show more

Cell phone minutes?

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How long should an iPhone 7 last?

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Best answer: With fresh batteries they'll last a good long time. Ignore the sunk cost and reset the clock to consider the offer Sprint presents: $180 per person over time, gets you new phones that turn into pumpkins after 18 months. $159 per person up front, gets you 'used' phones you can keep as long as you need to. show more

How does a mobile hot spot work?

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I’m going on a road trip with my kids and I would like them to have WiFi access for their kindles. My cell service is sprint