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Apple or Android?

23 answers · 4 days ago
And why?

Best answer: No! Whats app does not have access to "LOCATION SERVICES" on your phone. It also does not include in it's API any ability to expose the location of a host. Even the routing data used to send packets to and from is transient and not exposed. If you could get that routing data it would only expose... show more

When I had an iPhone I just named it iName with my name obviously. I have a galaxy note 9.

Best answer: Sounds like the glass shield was defective and/or the guy at the store put it on wrong. I've used one on my previous phone and it was fine. I should put one on my current phone but i've been lazy.

I found an iphone yesterday with low battery, i waited until someone called. I turned it off after a few hours to preserve the battery in case they called later, When i turned the phone back on it was on "Lost mode" with a number to call. I called and keep getting forwarded to voicemail, i also texted... show more

Iphone in sea water?

8 answers · 6 days ago
I accidentally swam with my iphone 4s in sea water since 1 month. I put it in rice bag for 2 days but it didn t help. Is there any hope or fixing method? I didn t backup my phone to icloud before damage, Can I restore the lost data??

IPhone SE in 2018?

5 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: The SE was discontinued when the XS & XS Max were announced. If you really care for the small size of what is basically a 6s, then by all means. Only thing is you'd have to look harder for a new one or settle for a refurbished/used again because of the discontinuation.

Best answer: You can always try it. Back in 2007 I had a Nokia 6120 Classic, which was quite the phone for its time. According to the manufacturer it could support micro SD cards as large as 8gb. A couple of years later I put a 16gb card in it. It worked just fine, and I could fill it up completely.

Found lost iphone?

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So that it won't get stolen