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Photography Question?

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Can someone recommend me a Nikon DSLR camera that is for beginners and is wishing a $800-$1300 price range? I have the Sony DSC- HX400V but I’ve tried t out so many different ways and the only time I get decent photos on it is when I take pictures during midday outside, but other than that, it takes pretty bad... show more

Is there some sort of secret like I think I’m a reasonably attractive person but then I pull out a camera and I look like rumple stiltskin from shrek?? Ik I’m dumb but I genuinely don’t know how it’s possible to look so ugly on a camera and be a reasonably decent looking person in real life

Best answer: It goes back to the standards of film. ASA (modern ISO) ratings were given to film and a doubling of the number meant doubling of the film's light sensitivity. If 100 ASA colour or 125 black-and white wasn't sensitive enough, the photographer could choose 400 (it was common to, "Push," the... show more

Best answer: There are tiny pinhole cameras in buttons, can broadcast to a recorder. See spyware or these:

Do tripods fit all cameras?

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Best answer: Canon's pocket sized cameras are excellent and inexpensive.

Im looking into how to compare the two sensors against eachoher in how they process information. What would be the best way to test this and what should i look at on the images taken to see the difference? E,g colour, quality and other information

Best answer: Isn’t this something you should be asking them? But, if they are your cameras I presume ADT will just stop monitoring them and you can do what you want with them.

There are pictures on an sd card that are somehow not showing up on the camera. If anybody has any help on why this is happening and how to help fix this problem please tell me.

Photography Question?

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I am a teenager and I am thinking about saving up to buy a Nikon d750 camera, because rn I have a Sony camera but I don’t like how it works, so can someone help me decide what lens to get? Because I have no clue what each different lens does so idk which one to get. I plan on using my camera for taking photos of my... show more

Motorway camera?

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Can't find my camera?

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