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Its a Toyota 2002

2012 dodge grand caravan wont start?

5 answers · Dodge · 7 hours ago
Best answer: In 50 years I have never known anything to cause that machine gun sound besides the battery. A seized engine is capable of it but much rarer. The jump is probably dead as well; few of us remember to charge them at least twice a year so the batteries usually die before it is ever used.

Best answer: If oil was our goal, why didn't we take it? If we're going to get blamed for it, we may as well do it!


10 answers · Chevrolet · 7 days ago
So, it's a Chevy Cruze. There was too much stuff on the dash board to determine wether I was in drive or not, and there was not lights indicating I was in drive near the gears, like my car, or any other car that I've been in... so I drove the interstate doin about 70 thinking I was in drive, assuming there... show more

1.5 liter engine 140 hp

How to disable power steering?

7 answers · Honda · 4 days ago
I’m weak and need to get stronger this week before an arm wrestling match I have scheduled soon. I’m trying anything I can do to get stronger, and I’m thinking I want to disable the power steering in my car so I can have to physically steer the car myself. How can I do this? I’ve got a 2017 Honda Accord. Thanks!

Best answer: take a piece of paper, stick it in the the gas hole, and light it on fire

My husband doesn’t want a baby shower?

18 answers · BMW · 1 week ago
Best answer: Tell him that a baby shower is for the baby, not his selfish self. The baby will need things. Most showers are given by family and/or friends. Congratulations.

Does the BMW 330i have a hand break?

3 answers · BMW · 5 days ago

Will the Toyota Supra be worth it?

5 answers · Toyota · 6 days ago

When should I trade in my 2012 Honda Accord?

11 answers · Honda · 1 week ago
I own a 2012 Honda Accord which I bought new seven years ago. It is still in excellent condition and has not had to go to the mechanic except for routine maintenance. It has 75,500 miles on it. Should I trade it in now?