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Best answer: The European model was only constructed after the bloodbath and savagery of WW2. In an attempt to avoid another similar conflict amongst themselves. Hence immigration was the price of their rehabilitation, for former sins, of colonialism. In time this evolved into the desire for one world government comprised of... show more

Will ford design me a model T today if I want to buy it or no?

Best answer: You don't need HP for off-roading. What you do need is torque. A strong majority of SUV drivers never venture off the beaten path. Most SUV's will never see anything more challenging than perhaps a dirt or gravel road.

Can I modify an Mazda mx5? New to cars?

11 answers · Mazda · 2 weeks ago
Can I put in a turbo into it? How much will the cost be?

Is the Ford F-250 a good truck?

13 answers · Ford · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Ford trucks are the number one selling vehicle in the U.S. That should tell you something. Unless you plan on doing some serious hauling or towing I would recommend you get an F-150 instead of an F-250.

Is there a time limit on car recalls?

10 answers · Ford · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: depends on you... My neighbor had same problem. Two months ago they actually let him have A NEW CAR because he was having to wait so long to. He told them he was going to get a lawyer also and charge then the storage fees for a car he could not drive and it would be at the local rate here of a secure storage which... show more

Check VSC light is on my Lexus GS 350?

7 answers · Lexus · 2 weeks ago

If it has a chain. Do u ever need to replace the chain? How often do the chains break? And if so will it fry the engine like some belts will?

By short trips I mean 1-2 hours at most.

Why are Chrysler PT Cruisers hated?

10 answers · Chrysler · 3 weeks ago
What's the problem with them?

Replaced rings and had the head reworked.