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Is it because of liberalism?

Is global warming ever to be stopped?

47 answers · Global Warming · 3 days ago

Meat consumption is causing global warming. Did you know cow farts release more co2 than cars? The meat industry is harming the environment, the health of humans, and the well-being of sentient animals. Furthermore allowing people to kill other sentient beings creates a culture that promotes violence and... show more

Infrared/Microwave Analogy?

6 answers · Global Warming · 20 hours ago

They talk of massive improvements having to be made by around 2030 - or we are in big trouble. They talk of the arctic sea ice being gone within a few decades, the permafrost melting, ocean burps, and on and on and on. And if headway is not made we will be living in an extremely undesirable environment with... show more

Are those who deny global warming serious?

20 answers · Global Warming · 3 days ago

How can we say that humans cause it? I'm sure we have an effect, but every life form affects their environment.

How many 'Greenhouse Gases' are necessary for life?

12 answers · Global Warming · 2 days ago

Best answer: Proves they are not really atheists. "American made Global Warming" is their true GOD. Most came from the so called "Earth Worshipers of the hippie gen.

What is wrong with the world?

21 answers · Other - Environment · 5 days ago

Best answer: In 10 years the world ends. AOC. BozO'Rork and all Dems running for Pres.

I'm 21 years old, will climate change kill me in my lifetime?

42 answers · Global Warming · 6 days ago
I'm genuinely terrified that climate change will kill me since I'm so young. I've read a lot of reports saying it is accelerating at a fast rate and within 20 years there will be a climate disaster. So does that mean I have less that 20 years to live?

How dare they use 21st century technology!