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Which is outfit is cuter?

14 answers · 17 hours ago
Not like these exact outfits but what form do you like more? The dress over a shirt or the matching skirt and jacket with a shirt? Like what is more appealing?

Do you prefer bikinis or thongs?

18 answers · 24 hours ago
Best answer: I wear Bikinis more than thongs. I also love wearing Hi-cut briefs

I love ripped jeans and don’t understand why they aren’t allowed at my school. It’s ridiculous. So I’m asking for your opinion, do you think ripped jeans should be allowed at school?

Are backpacks or handbags safer?

7 answers · 5 hours ago
i’m very protective of my possessions and i keep my bag with me at all times but i’m paranoid when i’m walking or on the college bus as i like to keep a small game consel for when i have nothing to do and i like to keep it safe

What can I wear to a job interview?

11 answers · 2 days ago
I have a job interview for a cafe this week. I'm a 20 year old female. I don't own ANY smart clothes. The only clothes I ever wear are skinny jeans and hoodies. I can't walk in heels. The only shoes I own are doc marten boots and a bunch of sneakers. I have never dressed formally in my life and I... show more

I was wearing a crop top and got sent home. Like it never happened before. And I asked the Dean why I get sent home but other girls aren't. And she said because they're only showing the top part of their tummies but you're showing your belly button. Does that make any sense? LOL I'm really angry.

Best answer: yes they can

Best answer: Why not? When women sometimes wear men's trousers in public!

Best answer: Trump doesn't have that power as President.

Should a man wear women boots?

10 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: If they look good and are comfortable, it's not hurting anybody is it?

What is a cocktail dress?

5 answers · 8 hours ago
Best answer: It is rather a vague term, but is intended to be worn early evening to a reception. It is rather more dressy than a day dress and generally accessorized with some jewelry. Can be sleeved or sleeveless or anything in between and usually but not exclusively knee length, full skirted or a sheath. Traditionally it... show more

Best answer: A two piece wool gabardine skirt suit and what appears to be a cricket sweater with a simple low necked tee or tank top under the sweater. The outfit is like a guide to follow for mixing a full formal business suit with an element of unexpected individuality -a well done combination of conservative and sporty.

I’m so tired of wearing bras. I am 16 my chest is not very large but it isn’t small either. I am so uncomfortable and can not stand wearing one. I wear baggy clothes everyday so I don’t have to wear one. I have tried so many different types of bras but I can not find anything that makes me not want to cry when I’m... show more

I ve been wanting to buy this $200 Stetson Fedora but my mom said somebody would come up behind me, swipe the hat right off my head and it would be gone. She said they would take off running and I d look silly trying to chase them. I ve never heard of a hat thief before. Would the average person even know if... show more

Are high heel shoes slutty?

51 answers · 1 week ago