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I realized today, that I never wear skirts or dresses. I am a 26 year old female and pretty much all of my life, I've worn jeans mostly. I am still feminine, I wear makeup, some jewelry, etc. but I tend to look youthful so I dont wear dresses and skirts because a lot of them are too girly and they make me look... show more

Best answer: There are certain ways of dressing that are generally accepted or assumed to reflect the orientation of the person wearing the clothes. BUT it is NOT a definite marker. Lots of people dress 'gay' but aren't, and of course, equally important, lots of gay people DON'T dress 'gay'. How... show more

Best answer: A brain. The best accessory to any look will always be an intellectual and educated mind.

Best answer: You do know that if you do it, it signifies that you are looking for a luv relationship with another guy? Be ready.

Best answer: Because they're gay

Best answer: Giuliani seems to love it. While he hasn't actually said so he has appeared in drag multiple times.

Best answer: You need pants with a bigger rise (the measurement from front waist to back waist via the crotch). The problem (builders' bum) is usually because you have a larger belly than the pants were designed for.

Which one looks better?

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Best answer: Wear whatever you like.

How to look like a prostitute?

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Best answer: The foot guy is back