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I want to lose weight?

11 answers · 2 days ago
I know I'm not considered overweight but I feel really bad about how I look. I'm 18 female, 5'4 and 106 lbs. I would like to lose 12 lbs... do you think that's possible? I've been 98 lbs before so it would only be 4 lbs less than that

Here are my measurements (everything in US) pants size: 10/12 (my upper thighs and butt are a little on the thicker side) Top size: ranges from anywhere tbh but most of the times it s a medium or size 6 dress size: 6 to 8 belt size: (depends on where I place it on my body) if places at hips, belt size is s/m.... show more

I'm 5'0 and at the start of the year I weighed 102 pounds and was eating my worst. Now, I gained 10 pounds and I keep going up while I'm eating healthier, and I'm not even eating too much. Help?

Best answer: You didn't say what the treatments entail, but sometimes, paying for such a service can be worth it. For example, some years ago I wanted to become more physically fit and gain muscle. So I hired a personal trainer, and it cost a god bit of money. Within 8 weeks I had the results that I wanted: bulging... show more

I m trying to help my mom get healthier / skinnier again like she was when she was younger, so she ll live longer because right now she has a lot of visceral fat around her waistline and she & I know that s really bad for your health. She has many different health problems & I ve done the research & I... show more

How can I have high cholesterol?

13 answers · 3 days ago
I’m only 26, I’m skinny, I workout, I diet, I count calories, I just don’t understand how my cholesterol is high, doctor said “raised LDL” , I eat chips often and some sweet junk food but compared to the average American I eat very healthy, what could cause a seemingly healthy 26 year old man to have raised... show more

Best answer: No. You are too young and you aren't that heavy. I guarantee you that if you actually stick to a real weight loss diet based on BRM calculations, you will lose weight. If you are not losing it is because you are eating the wrong foods and too many calories. Ask your parents to take you to the doctor and get... show more

Best answer: 1 gallon is 4 quarts. 1 quart is 32 ounces of water. So 1 gallon is 128 ounces of water. They say you need to drink abt 128 ounces of water thru the day. You should drink close to the gallon as you can. It works best if you do not drink anything else. And 1 gallon is not a lot of water really. most during the day... show more

I want to know if there are any growth pills that work i am 5'3 and 17 my dad is 5'2 and my mum was 5 ft

Must Read Hello, I struggle with my weight but I lost 20kg last year and now I'm at a stable weight of 68-72kg, I am sizes 12-16 for bottoms and 8-12 for tops (depends on brands). I'm 17-20 (want to remain anonymous) and my dietitian says I'm overweight on the BMI chart. I'm size 34DD for bra and I... show more

Is diet soda really that bad?

21 answers · 6 days ago
Ive been drinking it for about a year i guess i dont know. EVERYTIME im out to eat i get diet soda nothing else now. If i even do get soda. It feels so much better than drinking regular soda. Im still not fat, i feel fine since i do get some exercise at leat, no stroke no breathing problems no weight gain in fact... show more

How can I loose belly fat?

5 answers · 15 hours ago

Best answer: It depends....When I was running 10 miles a day, 5 days a week....NOTHING stuck on me. I could eat a gallon of ice cream and no change. I was also pooping 4 times a day and ate lots of fish and raw veggies, drank tons of water and ate clean, like very little processed foods. However, when I felt like pigging out, I... show more

Best answer: Because it tastes so great if you ask me and I should know, I am a weight restored anorexic so I spend most of my life avoiding it because I am too scared to gain more weight but the more I try not to eat it the more I crave it instead. We are talking about an actual phobia here too, not someone who is simply... show more