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i always used to be quite overweight, so now i’m wondering after losing weight, is this an average size? i usually wear a small/x-small shirt, and my pants are a size 1-3.

Best answer: My god, I wish I didn't spend those years of my life thinking I was overweight. No, hunny, you're not overweight. That is a perfect weight. Don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise. Ignore the ignorant trolls in this thread. You're Beautiful!!!

How can I control sugar cravings?

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Best answer: Eat as little sugar as possible and dont starve yourself. If you give yourself sufficient calories from natural whole foods, and consume very little sugar you will be amazed with how quickly the cravings go away

Are dried figs healthy?

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Best answer: Sure am. And you have every right to be proud. I'm sure it took a lot of effort on your part to accomplish it.

Best answer: start eating healthy

I am a 17 year old female in high school, and recently got some chocolate from Easter. I really want my chocolate but have decided to eat healthy and exercise every day, and cut out as much sugar as possible. What should I do when I really want to eat my chocolate?

I'm not huge fat but I have love handles and a little bit of fat in the gut. My legs are average. Same with my arms. I've been cutting junk out and moving around a bit more. I've notice a little difference but I really want to taste something sweet. Is there anything sweet that I can have that's... show more

Best answer: Deep down inside you know that is not healthy to eat so much junk food. You need to break the bad habit. Do you feel sluggish all the time, and lacked self-confidence? Then you know that you need to make changes. Pull away from the fast food stand and start cooking your own food. eliminating unhealthy foods. There... show more

I've tried everything.

I'm 5'2 female and a teenager and I weigh 113-114 pounds and I'm wondering if I'm overweight also if you have any tips on certain exercises that helps as well

im 16, female, 5 foot 3 and 192lbs. please help me i've spent too long doing nothing and eating far too much

Best answer: No clue, other than the fish industry, who says to eat fish on a regular basis. But in your case, the sushi is a more healthful food than McD's stuff when the fish is really fresh.

Am I short or average for my age?

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I’m a 15 year old female, and I am 5’3.25 tall.

What can I eat during fasting?

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Ok so my doctor told me to start fasting until next Thursday (5/2/19). Can I eat anything? I haven't eaten anything today and I'm already hungry. What should I do? Should i just suffer and not eat ?