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Should a girl lose weight for a guy?

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I should be skinner than I am?

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I’m female, 5’2 and weigh 100-102 lbs. At my weight, I should have a thigh gap, wrists and arms that I should be able to wrap my hand around, and more potruding rib bones and hip bones, but I don’t and I’m really upset about it. My thighs still rub and touch each other and I can wrap my hand around my wrist but I... show more

Best answer: Just eat a healthy diet to ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs to give it the best chance to grow to its optimum level.

Good morning everyone :) Sorry that this isn't the most pleasant topic, but I'm hoping you can help. I'm an adult female and for a very long time I've had infrequent bowel movements. I'm a runner but in 2018 I became very inconsistent with my runs, and I've only just gotten back into daily... show more

Best answer: Drinking tea is MUCH healthier than drinking soda. Tea has many beneficial effects, soda has none (other than it is enjoyable). You can overdo anything, including tea, but two cups a day is not a problem.

Do you crave sugar, yes or no?

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Best answer: At times. In somethings. I do not use much sugar. Coffee black tea with out sugar. But to day I went to buy bread. Fresh made bread. They had a pineapple pie or 3 in the rack with the bread. The smell hit me. I bought a pie from there. In truth I had a true craving for that pineapple pie. Still warm. Good pie... show more

Best answer: gasoline is low carb and low fat ... and will not give you gas ... and will keep you from smoking cigarettes. Gasoline will also clear out any grease in your intestines.

And, do I look out of shape?

What are the benefits?

Best answer: I don't use real sugar or fake sugar as sweeteners in anything I use honey in coffee tea and anything to be sweeter and you can tell by looking I am a heather eater by seeing me.

Best answer: Yes. I take a multivitamin and (prescribed) D3. I also began taking (today) Iron, as my red blood cell count, hemeglobin, and hematocrit levels indicate that I am slightly anemic.

I’m a fat and ugly teenage girl!?

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I’m a 14 year old girl I’m 5’4 and I weigh 115 pounds. I hate how I look so much I’m half Asian half white and I have freckles so I look so weird. I look so different compared to everyone at school and they always ask me my race and I just hate it! I’m so fat too, my stomach sticks out so much I hate it. I run/walk... show more

If I'm not getting Vitamin D from milk cos I'm lactose intolerant and I don't want to take supplements. Going outside doesn't give me enough, so what are the certain things I should drink to get enough. Fish and eggs doesn't produce enough to eliminate deficiency symptoms too. Some people are... show more

Are carbs unhealthy?

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why, how depends? what if are reducing calories by 500- 750 per day, BUT are eating nothing but vegetables, and healthy stuff, no junk food, etc does that help much or why maybe no matter how healthy you eat, you will still feel lethargic no matter what when cutting calories, as that is part of what most people... show more