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Best answer: I have no tooths

Best answer: Ten years ago, I had 5 dental implants screwed into my upper and lower jaw. The dental surgeon said the anesthesia given to you is done in timed injections into the arm. I remember being in a dark haze, waking up then returning to sleep. My implants took 2 hours, so the timely injections were spaced so I was fully... show more

Last year I used Crest teeth whitening strips for a week (which I have been doing since I was in high school) then I wanted them extra white so I used Atlanta Express Whitening Kit. Along with drinking a green superfood smoothie. A few days later my teeth had a green tint to them and I thought it would go away but... show more

My dentist is a female doctor and she asked me my age and I responded 24.She said oh you look like your 18.I thought we needed parent consent for you to get crowns on your teeth.I felt a little disrespected.Would you take that offensively & still let her do the crowns on your teeth?

Do you ever get sore teeth?

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Best answer: yes, I have a cyclical problem of aching in most of my teeth

Best answer: A dentist

I am 17 years old and one of my wisdom teeth (located on the gum of the lower jaw) are starting to erupt. I don't feel any pain at all, but I did notice that the erupting tooth is angled slightly. Should it be removed?

How to relieve dental anxiety?

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Gum/tooth still hurting?

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Best answer: I had mine cleaned 2 weeks ago and all areas were sensitive for over a week. Teeth object to having their coats removed. UK.

people say i shouldnt and that i should take the day off because of the pain. does anyone who has/had braces have answers?

Best answer: If it is very superficial it may be polished off. If not it will be cleaned and filled with a matching composite material.

Best answer: gum deasease blood,

Is this dangerous?

It's 3x as much money to have it done by a specialist. My dentist told me that my case is not outside the ordinary when it comes to wisdom tooth extractions, but that she had to let me know what my risks are. The tooth on my left side is growing more out toward where my cheek is, with the side along the teeth... show more

Best answer: probably nothing, i used to do that cause i thought it would clean it better and i never had any nnajor problenns

What do parents do with baby teeth?

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Do you really have to use if for 30 seconds? That stuff burns!