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Best answer: Legally nothing can be done. You move on.

Best answer: Nope

Say aged 16-18. If so, what are the signs and symptoms?

Here's the thing: I couldn't find specific answers to my questions via a google search, therefore this was my next stop. PLEASE only respond if you have had experience with dyslexia/learning disabilities. I DO in fact know that you cannot "diagnose" me, and clearly, I need to be screened by a... show more

Just wondering, because many people say that autistic people have slightly higher intellect than normal people (Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc.). Is it really worth having that intellectual edge over non-autistic people for not being able to get laid?

my mom babysits an autistic kid and if things like we talk to loud or the tv it to loud he covers his ears, why does he do that, does it hurt?

He’s on an IEP for ASD, adhd & anxiety. I’m emailing his teachers weekly to be sure he’s on track. Not all of the teachers respond so I never know how things are going. Then we get report cards and I see he’s failed a class. Isn’t the point of an IEP is to prevent that from happening? The school thinks I’m... show more

Tutoring after school for enrichment?

https://mail.yahoo.com/d/folders/2/messa... thats a link to the assement conducted by my psychiatrist.

It’s 2018 and even with all the awareness of autism, autistic kids are still screamed at and punished for forgetting to say just a couple of words. It is very hard for people with autism to learn and remember these things. Please just let them get away with it. If someone doesn’t say thank you, just think they’re... show more

I'm a bit concerned. I don't think my friends parents are going to put my friends brother through continued education until he's 21. he just graduated this month, age 18, and I don't think he's doing anything other than staying home and going on youtube. He can't live on his own or do much... show more

My child is 15 and goes to a public high school in New York state. He is almost failing all classes. He has a bad learning disability where he comprehends as a 5th grader, and he is in 10th grade. He also just been diagnosed with autism. Would he have to go summer school if he failed his regents, or it is illegal... show more

Why is my school litraelly prisun?

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