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Why I asked is I am tryna find out how landlords make a profit if the mortgage repayment for the place is more than the rent they are collecting? I've been doing a bit of research over the past few weeks and during the process realised that the price to buy a house, when you subtract down payment and do the... show more

If we both worked full time and I made $13 an hour and he makes $15 an hour, would we be able to afford an apartment? (GA area). Please don t be rude, I m trying to get real based experiences. I m not fortunate enough to have parents who will teach me these life lessons and I ve had to do it all on my own. Right... show more

My mother divorced my father but she couldnt have a part of the property they had together because it was under my dad's brother name .. but my mother found this paper not too long ago can she still fight the case ? This case is in Texas .

Do they have small somethings so they need to feel superior when they bully others ere in this section? Some people are recommending that if I did not know answers to such and such questions, I should not have been a landlord? How stupid is that? Does that mean you have to finish a school to be a landlord? Do... show more

Rent raise?

21 answers · 3 days ago
I've been renting a room since February, the landlord just told me they want to raise my rent from $550 to $650 is that legal?

I hate living next to people. Want my own space

My rent was due on the 1st and the place has a grace period till the third. Everyday after the third is a late fee, on the 4th I paid rent in full along with utilities and the late fee. I have receipts and email confirmation as well. Just today (Sunday) , I checked my mail and had a notice to vacate in the mail... show more

I recently signed a lease for a 3 bedroom apartment that me and my friends are going to move into. We agreed that I could have the master bedroom as my name is on the lease, but recently they have been pushing me that I should pay more and that it’s common sense to pay more. I’m all for being fair and am by no... show more

People parking in fire lane.?

11 answers · 2 days ago
I live in an apartment complex there are three cars currently parked in the fire lane. This has been going on for the past 3 months. Maybe not three at the same time but at least one a night. There is also plenty of parking on the other side of the building.Should I mention it to my landlord or what? I don t want... show more

Me and my fiancé are getting married in January/ February of 2019. We’re having our child April 2019. He already has a roommate and they live in a two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms. The apartment complex thought I already lived there because I stay the night there once a week and they have told him I would... show more

She asked me to get new carpet and decorate whole hpuse. Than after month change all toilets that were fine. Tired of this.

Me and my fiancé are getting married in January. In March I’m moving into his apartment and the apartment complex requires me to be on the lease . I haven’t worked in a while and we are having our first baby together in April .Can I be on the lease and live in the apartment when I’m going to be a stay at home mom ?

Help me please!!?

9 answers · 2 days ago
I got evicted from my apartment for being short on rent . I’m currently at my friends house using her computer. She said I can only stay with her for 1 week, then I have to leave. Now I have to move back in with my narcissistic ex. I don’t want to live with him. My mom won’t let me move back in. What can I do?