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our landlord is generally unresponsive to things. Today I noticed our washing machine is leaking. Is this something the landlord is gonna have to fix? I mean It's an electrical hazard right? the outlet for the machines is less than a foot away from the back of them.

The landlord has not long from changed the locks as they was broken, the guy who changed the locks said he will give a set to estate agents so we do t have to. Anyway we get a letter from estate agents demanding a set for front and back door. They said they have not received any and the guy who changed locks... show more

The original plan was for me and my cousin to be roommates but my name isn’t on the lease... Later she found out she was pregnant and decided to keep it. I was ok with that decision until she asked if she could move her boyfriend in and that we would split the rent 3 ways and he was transferring his job. A few... show more

Would you buy a $5k house?

21 answers · 2 days ago
I was looking for homes and found several homes going for $5k on ebay. Are they worth it?

My dad passed away recently ,we passed away 1 month after marrying my mother due to a heart attack,he did not leave a will and the house we live in was only under his name .Currently we are still doing payments on the house but are looking to change the name on the house papers so that it can be put under my... show more

We own vacation rental property. It rents out frequently but we've given family members the opportunity to use the rental for their own vacation and ask them to only pay a cleaning fee. My husband's second cousin wishes to use property too and bring along some unwelcomed guests. We only know of these... show more

Shadey landlord ?

24 answers · 3 days ago
Ok so my husaband and I are first time renters in Maryland and we decided to rent a four bedroom 2.5 bathroom from this man we met who works on houses he told us that his friend is the one who owns the house and that he would tell him that he found someone who was interested in the home. Long story short the guy... show more

Best answer: how much would it be worth once it is renovated? are you sure you can count on family members to do the work for reduced cost? are they licensed? there is a big difference between knowing general work and actually knowing building code and how to build to code do you have the cash to do the work?

the person that lived in the apartment before me didnt pay their gas bill for 3 months (i know cause it was my friend). now that im moving in and have never had a gas account, i dont get their bill right?

background: Seller is a realtor as well. Our realtor let our deal go sour. From bad appraisal advice, to us doing all the work in getting inspection bids, 2nd appraisal ordered, negotiating with seller etc. we cancelled our contract based on low appraisal (2nd one) and how we were treated by realtor. We have no... show more

Last year our landlords were going to raise our rent another $200.00. It's already been raised too much by $300.00 in the past 3 1/2 years. They then gave us a choice in either paying the additional $200.00 & they would fix & repair everything, including cosmetic stuff. These things were PROMISED when... show more

Can my name be taken off an apartment?

10 answers · 23 hours ago
I got an apartment in 2016 with my sister and moved in 2018. The lease was over in 2017 and now month to month. Found out they are behind. Can I take my name off even though they are behind on rent or would they want the full balance before they do that?

He wants me to sign the lease and move in with me... doesn’t want to get a lease together

I'm shocked to have received a shut off notice. The landlord used to live here, now she lives somewhere else, I don't know where, and has a property manager. I've tried calling the management place but always receive the voice mail & they have not returned my calls. I'm worried.