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So my mom is on social security and I'm 16. I get about 200 dollors a month. I recently got a job and I'm going to open an account at the same bank that my social security is. She was saving it until they told her she should use it on US. I asked her today if we could put some of the money into my account... show more

Best answer: What clown keeps that kind of money in a bank? Only a fool would do that. I can get the money if I need it, but it's coming from somewhere that is paying me at least three times what banks are paying. That would take a week to receive a check, unless the need was dire and then it would be worth paying the $20... show more

I need $200 in my bank now!?

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Best answer: Sell something or multiple things of value, like electronics. Your computer/laptop/tablet/phone would probably get you that $200. You could ask 10 friends to each loan you $20.

Why r my parants stupid.?

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My mum keps askin me 2 do things around the house lik cookin and ironin and washing dishes as well as cleaning the whole bathroom and walking the dogs and ... I feel lik her slaive bcause she won't even let me hav money for it. I wanted an iphone 6 and she wont buy me one so I've asked for pocket money and... show more

Best answer: In the USA, pensions vested after five years (after the Tax Reform Act of 1986). So if his company offered a pension (known as a defined benefit plan) he would have been covered. As others have stated, the formula for calculating the future benefit is often not much. For example, an average of his salary... show more

How much raise am I getting?

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Best answer: Per federal law, the initial clearance is required to occur in 2 days or less. The full clearance can take up to 21 days. You are going to have to read the papers you signed/agreed to when you opened the account. I would surmise that you agreed to this.

Best answer: Depends on what state you're in, but you may qualify for disability through your previous job. It's not a lot, but it's something. Your husband's take home seems very low for working 2 jobs, even if they are at minimum wage. See if you qualify for medicaid and/or social assistance. If there is a... show more

I have no credit debt and have six months of savings. With that in mind, each month I have about $60 left over that I currently just put in the bank, but i wonder if it could be serving me better invested elsewhere. I know it's not a lot of money, but I figure it adds up over time.

1. I'm 16 have no debt and live with parents 2. I have $50,000 3. want to retire as soon as able. What is my next step at this point to retire?

If I change my identity , as in I move address change my name , and setup a new bank account will I be able to start a new credit file ? If I ever get asked on applications if I was known by previous names I’ll say No , I know this is fraud but I don’t care , it will be 6 years till I will have a clean slate as... show more

Retirement income?

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