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I keep 4 months worth of salary set aside for an emergency situation. I have heard people say that one should also invest in a certain percentage of precious metals, if only to be prepared for an absolute worst case scenario. Should I keep some silver, gold, or platinum on hand "just in case"?

Should i buy Sears stock?

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They are super cheap right now and I hear they might make a comeback

So Tech shares are dropping and the Nasdaq just hit its biggest low this year which isn't ordinary because we're nearing the Holiday season. Are we about to enter a Stock Market Crash?

I am not saying the market is doing bad just to make Trump look bad. I am saying its bad right now so people don't make a mistake of putting their Money into stocks then losing it all. Do you idiots even realize how shitty I would be if I told them to put their money on Stocks I knew they were not going to get... show more

Best answer: Sell short. But that high-risk move requires you to correctly predict when the market will fall. Bear markets are always unpredictable (otherwise the market wouldn't have gone up in the first place), and are usually brief (by the time you react, it's mostly over).

I want to start a trust fund myself that’s available to me when I turn 35, but not before, is this possible? I want it to be like a traditional trust fund that unlocks at an age

I am not rich by any means but I do want to be smart with my money. I want to invest and have my money make me more money. I would love to speak to different financial advisers about my current situation and how I should invest my money. What I want to know is if I actually have to have loads of money in orde to... show more

Has "The Bear" arrived?

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Best answer: No he's still eating honey

Best answer: Sell your stuff.

If I have one, should I really need to invest in the other as well?

Best answer: TD Ameritrade does have a good reputation for customer service. Study their website. Also study about stock market, investing strategies, etc. And compare TD with Etrade, etc. How easy is it to use their websites? Which offers more background info for newbies? How do their commission rates compare? You have time to... show more

Assume that you purchased 290 shares of stock for $37 per share, that you received an annual dividend of $1.40 a share, and that you sold your stock for $47 a share at the end od one year. (Ignore commission amount)