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Best answer: No. If you go for the screening and they find skin cancers, that is pre-existing condition. You pay out of pocket for any treatments.

Best answer: What does nursing have to do with Health Insurance? Just because she is a good nurse doesn't mean she appropriately comprehends the financial risks of going uninsured. I assume at least 20% of requests on sites like GoFundMe are fraudulent anyway...maybe she does have coverage and is just trying to raise... show more

I could be making more money but I m on SSI and I d lose my HMO blue option Medicare. I want to live my life but this health insurance thing is kinda f***ing me over. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Would I qualify for Medicaid?

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I am a 22 year old with health issues (mainly Severe Asthma and Allergies that I was born with). I currently live with my mother but make my own seperate income and file my own taxes. My mother was approved for Medicaid, but I have been turned down before. She is 63 years old and has some health problems + is on... show more

Best answer: Under the ACA, covers preventative colonoscopies. Because you have a current medical need (i.e. previous polyps), the colonoscopy is unlikely to be called preventative. - you can check with the billing department of the facility on how much they will charge and with the insurance company to determine the... show more

Best answer: True story. Years ago, a friend of mine, had no health insurance and had to go to the ER (unknown) reason. He got a bill for $2,000 and could not pay it. He contacted the hospital, who with (proof) of his (2) part time jobs verified his income. They (reduced) his bill to $200 that he paid. So, you must... show more

I started the process of trying to switch from one medigap F plan over to another. The original was with Blue Cross, & I wanted to switch to Blue Shield. I wrote before explaining I live in Calif. & did this during my birthday month that has the birthday rule. Blue Shield insisted I had to go through... show more

Best answer: To make more profit. They want you to pay your deductible and if you never meet it, they never have to pay anything out to cover your claims. I think that should be illegal but as long as the insurance lobbyists pay off Congress nothing can change. Maybe if people sue the insurance companies about that in their own... show more

After that age, the premium gap lessens incrementally every year until the age of 57 when it is about even.

I know its self pay too but, I know its not legal for cash only doctors to see Medicare patients ( if they can get the same services by a Medicare provider)

Ok, so we got 2 statements from ER visit. The doctor coded it as level 3, while the hospital is coding level 5. I have read that it's an immediate red flag if hospital is charging more than the doctor. Level 5 is for like a heart attack, most severe problem. We did not have anything like that. It was for a cut!... show more

EDD and disability what to do?

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I had surgery last Sept 2018. Fibroids removal. my EDD expired on Nov 2018 and my Leave from work on Dec. I haven't returned yet and I am seeing my primary doctor due to I get a lot of dizzy spells Since October 2018. I don't receive any EDD Anymore. now my employer wants me to come back this Month. But I... show more

Insurance and deductible question?

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Hi! I got into a car wreck (went to ER) then had an MRI weeks later from a cyst found in ER. My deductible was reached with the MRI because my insurance got that claim first. BUT I went to the ER first. Will my insurance redo the billing or is it too late? I only ask cause it results in significantly different... show more

Best answer: If you stop paying they will cancel it. You can call & cancel too. But, you won't be able to sign up again until 2020 no matter if your income changes in the meantime. You would go without insurance unless you buy elsewhere. I always choose the highest deductible plan and its never covered anything except... show more

Best answer: Homeowners insurance would never cover something like this...but health insurance doesn't really care what happened. Two exceptions, if this happened in a car or while at work...then health insurance probably wont pay.

Ok, so all you medical coders, please help! The hospital is not cooperating too well. I call and nobody provides answers.. My son had a cut and went in to ER to get stitches. They sent a doc bill and the facility bill, which I get. On both bills, I see the same charge - LAC INT - but on the doc side it has a code... show more