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If I give someone I don’t know my account nam, account number and bank name are they able to hack and or withdraw money from it? Someone wants to send me money and asked for that info and I want to be safe.

Will my credit score be affected If I don't use my card?

I have a dispute with PlusNet over the fact that they claim I haven t paid them for my mobile account, when in fact I paid them by credit card over a week ago. What s worse is they have referred this non-existent debt to a debt collection agency! Should I just ignore any future communication from them about this... show more

How to build credit?

6 answers · 2 days ago
Is there a way to build your credit with out a job? I am a full time stay at home mother

I ve been looking at a car and have decided to take the trip to buy the car or at least look at it, I was told that it would be wise to make a deposit to hold the car and the only way to do so because of how far to place is is to do it over the phone and get my credit card details. They told me that they can t... show more

I am proud of my bad credit?

10 answers · 5 days ago
Having bad credit is 1.)subjective 2.) A badge of honor. You know what.. just because you blow out 6 credit cards and dont pay in all reality means nothing. It proves that I know how to have a good time. I am living! Y'all others sit at home and don't party. Agree living is more important than a stupid... show more

So I'm 18 and just got out on my own, I work around 40 hours every week and my girl works about 30. A few months ago I wrecked my car and had no money so I had to finance a new car. At the time I had no credit and my dad with bad credit cosigned. But now I've been keeping up with everything and my credit... show more

I have a cash card and I want to sell Bitcoin for profit to my cash card ($78) but Coinbase does not allow this. Does any one do this?

Best answer: On time payments help your credit. A balance that consistently hovers around your limit hurts your credit. On time payments that pay off your balance in full help your credit and save you from having to pay ridiculously expensive credit card interest.

21k Autoloan at 19?

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Hi I'm 19 years old and I'm a bit curious as to whether or not I can get approved for car, I've been working at the same company for almost 2 years now, I make $16.75/hr I will be making $19/hr soon.(just got promoted) I had $500 credit card but got closed when I got a $1,500 credit card. My score is... show more

but it’s hard because the customers don’t want the credit cards ? Most customers want to get in and out and my job is depended on the sales we get from credit cards

would I send payments to the creditor or the court? Is the creditor required to send me a receipt upon receiving my payments?

Best answer: I hang up on 80% of the people who call me (usually sales). I generally just say "sorry, can't help you" or something like that and hang up as they continue to blather on into the phone regardless of what I just said. I can often tell by the area code whether its a meaningful call or not but if you... show more

Best answer: neither, you do not need a credit card