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When should you use headlights?

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Can Jaguars be reliable cars?

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I have a thing for old luxury cars. Mercedes, jaguars, bmw, even cadillacs. I'm pretty mechanically inclined and I'd like to take on the venture of owning one. I've been looking at some of the older jags. Maybe an xj6 or xj8. I'm finding a lot with low miles around my area because a lot of people... show more

I’m 17 and a senior in high school. I took drivers ed my sophomore year. My school provides a range program. They take a day to teach you the basics (which I kind of know) and then take about 6 days of driving on the streets. Just the thought of driving makes me feel uneasy. If I take range through my school I land... show more

I have a nice muscle car and I’m not going to be driving it this winter. I’m wondering if I can leave it at my house and tarp it outside or should I take it to my dads and garage it? I just like having it with me :( is there much benefit to having a garage or will a tarp do the trick!?

I am 16 and hold my QLD learners license, My friend who owns a car does not currently hold a license, will i lose my license if caught in the my friends car while they are un-licensed and driving? *note driver is completely capable of driving and is safe* *note i am aware that it is illegal but just wanted to see... show more

Best answer: No, it doesn't. It just means it met that state's requirements at the time it was tested. It could blow up or fall apart the moment it left the test station.

Best answer: Very lightweight cars with folding wings have been around since the 1950's. The are too light and flimsy to be good cars but too heavy to be very good as aircraft. Adding to the confusion was the fact that surplus Messerschmidt Aircraft parts were fitted with a front axle and wheels at the wing fairings and... show more

I don't run red lights, however, I find myself going through amber lights now and then, sometimes accelerating a little to clear the line, do people get penalties for going through on amber? My mum said she got a penalty for it but i'm not convinced as I weren't there and she probably had half the car... show more

Let's say you're driving along and a police car is behind you, and you drive through amber, can they send you a NIP or do they have to have footage of you crossing the stop line on red? Or would they have to stop you at the scene? I know you can continue if you are close to the stopline, however, I was... show more

Best answer: In Differentials? In gearboxes? The final drive gear in a rear end (ring gear ) revolves just as fast as the axles and drive tires. All tires revolve at same RPM, If same size.. In a curve, the outboard wheel turns a bit faster than the inboard. The gears ahead of final drive, the pinion, and in gearbox, all... show more

I need to actually see in order to learn and I can’t understand/remember oral instructions. I need to be shown or it has to be demonstrated right in front of me. I promise that if I’m being proficient, it’s actually out of luck not skill. I don’t know how I’m doing it. I’m unable to judge if I’m too far/close; I... show more

Best answer: Study as much as you can without sacrificing too much sleep. Write down the information that you are struggling to remember, then read it about to yourself multiple times. I know that you are nervous, but being anxious makes it hard to retrieve information from your brain and will also make it hard to focus on the... show more

Not a roundabout, or a motorway, but just a normal 20 mph road that has 3 lanes and normally a traffic light at the end, I ve searched everywhere and can t seem to find the correct name for it. Can someone please help. Thank you

What do school buses do for you?

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Best answer: Sure if you can handle 40 or 50 screaming kids for the duration. If your employer is the school system, instead of some private contractor, you'll be better off. Better pay, benefits and job security.