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Why are busses yellow?

58 answers · 2 weeks ago

At my house my neighbors park three cars directly across from my driveway in the street so when I get home and have to pull into my driveway I have to turn my wheels all the way to the left and then go up my curb basically sideways with my wheels turned all the way at my house my neighbors park directly across from... show more

I wanna drive to a friends house alone and I have 70 hours on my L s, I live in rural Victoria by the way. I m a very confident driver and obey road laws.

slightly higher if its the second method you risk the car rolling back as youre not sure at what point the car goes forward im asking as i failed my driving test ... it was a road and i didnt realise it had a slight hill so i dindt use my handbrake .. i will use my hand brake next time but please answr me sorry for... show more

I m just wondering. There is no traffic, no other cars. And ambulance with all lights and sirens on, moves as a turtle. I can walk faster...What if the patient is waiting for them and it s a life-threatening...?

Can't find place for it

Should I buy an automatic car?

15 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: It gives you more to do when you drive and makes it more interesting. It also makes it harder to do other things when you are driving so you are not playing with the radio or phone. I like the gas mileage and just just putting in the clutch and rolling down some of those hills that may have required you to use the... show more

Best answer: $500 for our brand new Subaru. We only have one car, thank goodness. When we had 2, we were paying around $800 for both. Having one has SAVED US.

My service engine soon light is on because of a couple sensors but my county doesn t do emission tests only safety. So can I pass if they don t do emissions?

Learning to drive?

14 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: That depends on the ability of the learner and the teaching skill of their instructor. Studies show that the average person needs a minimum of 40 hours behind the wheel to meet minimum standards, and that 100 hours or more is required for good confidence and competence. So, how many hours per week can you devote to... show more

Should I switch to automatic driving?

10 answers · 3 weeks ago
Im a 17 year old male living in London and every day I drive 40 minuets both ways to school and back. I am driving a 2009 vw polo that my parents own and currently looking to buy my own car as I have inherited some money. I wanted to know if I should consider getting an automatic car because I hate doing all the... show more

im 17 years old about to turn 18 in december. im saving up for my dream car-- a red prius. possibly a used one, and one thats not from like 2011, but maybe 2015 so its a more advanced car then the older ones. are what the haters say about prius really true? di they drive well? im a very earth bound person and vegan... show more

Beginners sporty cars.?

7 answers · 2 weeks ago
What’s the best beginner’s used sporty car? Automatic transmission. Not a grocery getter, 15+ mile occasional rides only. Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline, Audi TT, Nissan 350Z, Mustang SVT Cobra, Corvette C5, Mitsubishi Eclipse. Your thoughts, guys?