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so i live in the southern united states. today, i saw a woman drive by in a car with the steering wheel on the left side, like a car from britain/europe. there was also a flashing yellow light on top of her car. is it legal to drive a car with a steering wheel on the left side in the USA?

Having a self driving car would definitely be very cool and there would be loads places I'd love to travel with it but im wondering when they will be available to buy?

Best first car?

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What are some good first cars? Need it to be able to carry two dogs (one under 50lbs and one at 100lbs). I was looking at mini coopers but heard of bad safety and jeep wranglers have a high rolling rate plus bad mileage. Price has to be under 100k. I like styles that resemble jeep wranglers, range rovers, anything... show more

So, I have been hit by cars and just in general being trapped in an explosive tin can going 50-100 miles per hour is really not safe. I avoid it as often as I can and as a result I am 30 without a drivers license. I have been looking at getting one just to have it so jobs will finally hire me. But if I can just... show more

Best answer: Both are advancing, there are other things going on, but China does have more room for growth.

Best answer: Watching out for young kids driving while texting

I have asked for the vehicle back and she refuses. She told me last week I can attempt to get the vehicle back but I will be surprised when I find that my key will not start the engine anymore.

I have always wondered...it was real prevalent on saturns and hondas. They make like a high pitch winding noise and I just wondered why.

So im ok my cars ok the light was green i was far back and knew it was gonna turn red i start breaking because my parents and drivers ed always told me in snow and rain start breaking way before you would normally (im 18). it turns yellow as i got kinda close im not all the way through but i was super close when it... show more

Is there any way for us to get it back? I'm an idiot and didn't think he would come in the middle of the night..

I see that a lot of Uber Eats drivers park their cars on the streets with the hazards lights on, just to pick up their order from the restaurant. But I never saw one get a ticket. I did see one cop get mad at them but didn't do anything. He just screamed, "Blocking traffic for food?!" This is in FL,... show more

I want to become a bus driver 1 day but my family and friends told me work at the airport shuttle bus driver instead because public transit you deal with abusive passengers who get on your bus. Airport you just drive people to the hotel and drive people back to the airport you just deal with travellers.

Just starts by fingerprint?

Best answer: 1965 - Oldsmobile Cutlass F85, 2 door sedan. 1966 - Dodge Charger. 1967 - Chevrolet Chevelle, 2 door hardtop. 1968 - Dodge Dart, 2 door hardtop & Chevrolet Nova 2 door sedan. 1969 - Ford Torino, 2 door hardtop. 1970 - Buick Electra 225, 4 door hardtop. (12596D1)

I'm confused on the drivers license application process. I have received the permit to practice but I m not sure what to do next. Is there another written test I need to make an appointment for before my behind the wheel test or was the permit test that and the next step is behind the wheel? Can someone just... show more

Nothing to bash on people that love cars but I enjoy cars myself, but I have always wonder what the craze was? For example, for modern production say 2019 Audi R8 has the same 0-60 as the 2018, handing could be consider close to the same as well. Yet car reviewers always love to review them. Taking a look at the... show more

I finally started my first driving lesson today. It went pretty okay. My instructor had me driving the whole time in my neighborhood which is relatively quiet. The one thing that kept tripping me up was that I kept messing up my left and right turns by ending up in the opposite direction I was supposed to be. He... show more