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Best answer: Go to a locksmith who specialize in car keys. You can get a small key that will open the door but will not switch off the alarm. This will give you enough time to retrieve your car keys from inside the vehicle, There is also a car key which is a one time use car key which is in a form like a credit card which can... show more

Best answer: The power steering shouldnt break down during your ownership. I had a car with its power steering that wasnt working the car was 40 years old. so it should last. i dont agree or disagree with your husbands choice but i do sorta get his point, its good to know incase it fails cause some driving habits do need to change.

Best answer: using bicycles I seeing promoted world over as our future and both healthy and nil polluting. ignore those whom think it's childish. It's the modern way to be. just be careful out there as many drivers are very poor and do not look for cyclists or give then. enough room. too impatient. many motorists are... show more

...or will the doctrine of care and control still apply?

Since the automatic transmission was invented in America, it would only make sense for it to take off in America, so let's say that the automatic transmission was never invented in America (rather elsewhere outside of America) and the majority of Americans ended up driving manual. So what if the majority of... show more

Best answer: Practice doing it in the rain.

I am in my car during long hours at a time from work to school and have to wait up to 3 hours inside my car until school starts to save gas cuz i live far from my job and school. I used to just chill in my car just fine but now its getting wayyy too hot and i cant stand the heat inside my car. Is there anything i... show more

I have been paying my carnote on time for the most part, I may have been late twice but always get it to them in that month. so last month this wasn’t the case .. I got my car from a no credit car lot so it doesn’t hurt my credit missing a payment & I’m pregnant and have been hospitalized for a while so I was... show more

Am I really asking too much?

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I got a new car lease and a clean car is something I m picky about. Whenever I drive with my friends around, I ask them not to vape in my car because for anyone who does, it leaves a terrible film on windows. They always give some bullshit excuse like, "It s just a little bit" or "I have a nicotine... show more

Best answer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqgVwcevoog

Hi there, im planning to do a custom Jeep TJ Pickup but i need to know the laws and requirements. first off, my project truck is simple, Jeep TJ body and a frame/drive train from a Pickup truck. Thank you for your time

Learners permit question?

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My learners permit is almost expired. My mom says if I don’t get my driver’s license before my permit expires that I’ll have to go pay a lot of money to retake drivers education again to get the paper needed to test for my learners permit. Is this true? Will I have to go through it all over again to get the paper... show more

Best answer: Of course BECAUSE manufacturer's all use the same method...they run on a dynometer. They put two wheels on the other rotating drums and run the car in a shop. So, there is NO RESISTANCE FROM.... Tires give a rolling resistance of all 4 wheels. No gradient resistance from the road having a slope up or... show more