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my friend does it every week in his Kia forte 2014 touring model. Whenever he picks me up from work the sign will show orange on his dashboard. he has been doing this since he got the car, but I heard it is bad.

Best answer: Yes it can. A new steel plate has to be welded to the tower and the hood will need beating out and a repaint. If you need to spread the cost just have the tower repaired and do the hood at a later date, assuming it opens and shuts properly.

Best answer: Saudi Arabia has glutted the oil market to lower fuel prices to get the world to forget about you know what. This has caused car buyers to forgo buying fuel efficient cars for the near and not so near future. GM and Ford are just trying to have some foresight and not be stuck with gobs of inventory that they... show more

Best answer: Yes, absolutely fine. Modern cars have efficient brakes and ABS so the need for gear changes to assist deceleration is unnecessary.

I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna that the brake lights are out. It started at the driver side.. and a week later the passenger side. do I have a light bulb problem or an electrical problem? that kinda determine if I need to take it in for service or Do it myself.. Many thanks

Why 100$ only for my car?

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Best answer: If it's going to the scrapyard, it doesn't matter how clean it is.

if I see a pedestrian crossing and I have to stop why do I have to use the clutch and then brake. why it isn't enough to just use the brake?

A couple days ago the clamp on my exhaust pipe broke, so I took it into an auto repair shop to get it fixed. I figured it wouldn't be long because it's a minor problem and should be fixed relatively easily. I took it in at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday and it's now 3:00 p.m. Thursday, two days later. This was... show more

Have replaced front bearings, control arms, inner and outer tie rods, struts, sway bar bushings, sway bar links . Am still feeling a noticeable wobble or shimmy while driving. Any ideas anyone? I’m at a loss for ideas.

So I had reserved an Infiniti or similar which came out to 80$/day and that’s on the premium car category aka “prestige” the Avalon is just a full size car and they wouldn’t adjust the price. Am I wrong to want to dispute it with my credit card company if they don’t adjust it?

Remote start fob?

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Best answer: Look and see who made the remote starter you have, and look online for their company website. They should be able to sell you an extra, or tell you what will work with it. Clean it off,take a closeup picture and get the model number.

In my 2017 Rogue it has a 55 Litre gas tank and I usually buy it from Costco and they are usually 10 cents cheaper per litre than lets say Petro Canada, Esso, and Shell. I get 87 octane since thats what it says in the owners manual but I can also put 89 but 87 should be good. I am wondering if I should get it... show more

I have a 2004 Peugeot 206. Recently when ever I get about 45mph. There is a violent rattling coming from the back of the car. I believe it’s more from the right hand side. Sometimes it doesn’t rattle. But when it does it’s very violent. What could be causing this. Thanks.

Best answer: Sport mode changes the transmission shift points to higher rpm's. It also changes the fuel injector pulse rates and the ignition timing. Cars with can advance systems may also have the cam timing effected. Use ECO mode if you're traveling cross a flat .desert.

Also my car has a max capacity of 4.4 quarts will it be okay to put in 4 quarts?

Who can help me diagnose my car?

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I have a Honda Civic 2006 and this morning when I turn my blinker it started blinking faster than usual and I’m just wondering what causes this and if it’s a simple fix