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Changing engine oil?

18 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: dependiing on miles between oil change, actual car makers suggested intervals and practical abilities, looks of oil-- filter change with long interval oil change is 'normal'- but every other short interval oil change may be no problem for doing filter- especially if filter is a large 10 micron holding a... show more

What traffic violation would that be called if you bounce the front wheels up then hit the gas (briefly) and release the gas as wheels come down repeatedly?

My car was in the shop for 3 weeks. The accident happened last November (took months for the other person's insurance to accept responsibility) and I just got it yesterday and my check engine light is now on and it's never been on before. It's only 5 years old and I've only owned it a year. Should I... show more

Have you ever thrown a rod?

25 answers · 4 days ago

HOW do I fix this?

9 answers · 15 hours ago
I noticed my car has no temperature anymore. I just picked my car up from the body shop btw

Best answer: It's a rather varied price depending what is checked or repaired (if anything) and how much refrigerant that is actually put in. Some mechanics will simply add a can or 2 of refrigerant, and if cold air comes out, they are finished. But understand that if your a/c system is low on refrigerant, that you have a... show more

I’ve read that we have about 50 years before we run out of oil. So what happens to gasoline and what the hell can cars run on when they disappear? What can every vehicle run on that’s not gasoline ?

Best answer: Sure, take the vehicle to the shop and let them diagnose it. When they tell you what the issue is, decline the repair and take the vehicle. Just be aware that you will be charged for the diagnosis. Many shops have a set rate for this, such as one hour labour for example.

this is the paper

Only buy cars with timing chains, correct?

Is my car transmission slipping?

7 answers · 2 days ago
I daily drive a 1983 Buick Regal Sedan and I haven’t had any problems with it for about a year but earlier today I was going 55 mph on the freeway and after it reached 55 mph the engine started accelerating and and slowing down constantly and the car wouldn’t go any faster and after I slowed down and went back on... show more

2006 Saturn ion, I had the oil change done in Feb and now the car is giving us alerts that it needs an oil change. Is this a common malfunction in this type of car, or do I have to take it in? I’d rather not take it in

3 times in 3 years, i will go to start my car, it will not turn over. I turn the key, nothing, no click. About 20 minutes later and after many times turning the key to start up but failing, i will turn the key,the car starts up. So guess i have some sort of once a year intermittent problem. 180,000 miles on car.... show more

Tire damage, cosmetic or hazard?

13 answers · 4 days ago
Repair guy just told me this is cosmetic but looking at the depth and size I'm not sure about that. Would really appreciate 2nd opinions I'd hate for this thing to blow especially since it's in front.

Car battery?

8 answers · 3 days ago
My battery is a bit swollen, my car does start up fine. Does anyone recommend to change the battery ASAP or can I drive the car like this for a while? and like my car battery is a bit swollen does this mean my car alternator is going bad?

My dear wife dropped a box on my left hand wing mirror... Had to super-glue, gaffer tape and put two plastic garden attaches on the hinge , so now it wont fold in. Are the spinning thing's in a car wash strong enough to break it again. ?

I put the Yokohama Geolander HTS on my Honda Element a few months back. On the pluses - I love the handling (more responsive in turns) and the road noise has gone down. On the negatives - at 32 psi front and 34 psi rear, the acceleration seems to have taken a hit and my MPG have gone down about 2 mpg. What sort... show more