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Or will I still have to have someone in the car with me with an actual drivers license ?

I am 20 years old with a learner's license and I want to take a driving test in my mom's car but my mom said I have to pay for the insurance. How much does it cost? My dad said I would be paying $1,200 to $1,500 a year. I really want to have a real license soon. How much does it cost and what can I do to... show more

When I purchased my car I owed $500 after making the down payment. So a $500 lien was placed on the title. I opened what should had been a 2nd line of credit with the seller in order to have new tires and a few other maintenance things done to the car. I make cash payments, getting reciepts, as the credit card... show more

My car is cat d damaged?

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I bought a car from a person and he said the car was never in accident. I bought it and recently checked history and it was cat d damaged repaired. can i call the police? or how can i get my money back?

Best answer: Good question. Insurance is assigned to the vehicle not a person. So any casual driver would be covered by the policy assigned to the vehicle. Examples - my cousin comes in from out of town and drives my car around for a few days. I loan my car to my neighbor if their car is in the shop. I drive my friend to... show more

Just because i'm 19.

Will my car qualify for the exam?

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Best answer: Are you sure the front and rear lights are blinking ? Usually a fast blinking is a sign that a bulb is burnt out. But it could also me that the wrong bulb was installed. Anyway , it would be fine,as long as it functions at some reasonable speed. At worst, they would make you use hand signals.

Bumper damage question?

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So apparently I damaged someone’s bumper last night without realizing it. Like, I didn’t even know I even tapped the car in front of me while parking, hence me not leaving a note or even checking. I was super careful. But when I went to my car later today I saw that someone left ME a note saying I damaged their... show more

I live in the state of Texas, and I have no idea how to start. I can’t learn with my parents, I need an actual driving teacher. Do I go to driving lessons first? Or go to the DMV first, what is the first step???

I thought car insurance was supposed to help you

Is there a way I can fix this, or should we just return it since we have 3 days

I was driving in my car in the rain when another car slammed in to me when her car hydroplaned. Turns out it was my wife driving my other car! Since my car was totaled by my other car (both cars insured under same policy) and suffered injures, can I sue my own wife and my own insurance company?