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Best answer: You should have Bill of sale or I guess in this case a Bill of Trade, it would state A is trading X to Person B for Z....listing names and address, dates, vehicle make, model year, vin, and a clause that states the trade is AS IS for both vehicles. But even if you don't have that, sales/trades between private... show more

it is true ?

Best answer: In a typical dealership, the Finance and Insurance Manager handles any "add-on" items in addition to the car itself. This person may handle financing/loans, special dealer-installed options (rustproofing, special materials like fabric protection and other junk), warranties, installment life insurance,... show more

How to safely buy a used car?

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Im thinking to buy a 1997 to 2008 Jeep Cherokee etc. I also suspect that cars that old will turn into a money pit. Therefore what are some rules of thunb when buying a used car from owner ?

Best answer: It appears that your bad credit is causing all this. The finance company is saying they cannot approve your loan unless you make a $1000 down payment, regardless of what you signed. If you can't make the down payment, you must return the car, which still belongs to the dealer since he hasn't been paid for... show more

Finance or lease?

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Best answer: Its a well documented fact that in the long run leasing is more expensive than financing a car. Leasing sometimes has lower monthly payments, but when you factor in the value of actually owning the car at the end of the contract financing the vehicle wins every time. However, buying a car 3-5 years old is far... show more

Here's a theoretical situation: Let's say someone saved up $14,000 in cash and went to a dealership to buy a $20,000 MSRP car. Do you guys think that the dealership would take that? It's a really big discount but I feel like if they saw all that money in one place, it would make them at least... show more

ok wife wants to trade our 2003 ford ranger with 70,000 miles for a 2014 Fiat wagon, with 109,000 miles, should we do it? i lean towards no myself.

Like if I am ready to pay with cash, something similar?

Best answer: Yes, if you pay cash. However, you aren't old enough to buy insurance, which means you cannot register the car, which means you cannot drive it.

I just went on and the offer for them to take the car was a whopping $200. I had an Audi not even turn on but was offered $600 for that. Horrible purchase on my part as a first time car buyer... The seller doesn't want to cancel the sale, unfortunately. So I'm stuck with whatever I can do with... show more

Hi, I am 18 and I have been licensed for almost a year. I currently work from home and haven't really needed my own car since I don't need to commute so I have just been driving my mom's car when I need to get places. I love driving and when people ask me what my hobbies are, I include driving on the... show more

I currently have a 2006 Saab 9-3 sedan. It was given to me as a 16th birthday present and I love it but I always dreamed of a convertible. Now I'm in college and my Saab dealer where I go to get my car serviced has a very nice 2008 convertible with way less miles than my current car, more creature comforts than... show more

I live in Canada where we have very bad winter conditions. I need to drive home to work and back to home. The summer is hot but short. we have longer winters. What car do you suggest me to buy and from what brand?

Best answer: Better for Whom, How? Better for the dealer and manufacturer, yes. Better for you if you can afford it and cant do routine maintenance. Better as it has the best warranty a car can have. Better as less worries of a breakdown. Worse as a new car depreciates 50% in 3 years. And, often a new model doesnt have... show more

Ok I have a problem I know! I have a 2017 Ford Escape base model. Nothing wrong with it i got it 2 years ago and it barely has 21 thousand miles. But I see fancy cars newer cars and financially I’m making bank compared to 2 years ago. I really want to trade but I know it’s bad as my loan was terrible and I financed... show more