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Why do so many liberals hate Tom Brady and the Patriots?

47 answers · Football (American) · 2 days ago

Was it wrong kicking my old dog?

18 answers · Dogs · 3 days ago
So I got a puppy last year, he was a handful mainly because he peed and pooped all over, like a normal puppy. But then we gave him to my grandparents who live 2 states away from me (in the US). They’ve had him for about a year. When they came back to visit, Stumble (The puppy’s name), started biting my pants and... show more

Do you think pro-bowl should be before the super-bowl?

20 answers · Football (American) · 2 days ago

i would assume a revolver. because clips can brake rite? i also wanted to ask, if someone in full knight armor was charging with a sword, and assume you have your gun drawn and aimed. could the swordsman actually touch you before he expires? please be specific

Is it because it wasn’t liberal vegan crap

Will the Chicago Bears win the Super Bowl in 2019 and 2020?

35 answers · Football (American) · 4 days ago

Who saw last night's game against the Eagles and Saints?

17 answers · Football (American) · 2 days ago
Best answer: I was at the game

Why is everyone crying about the Patriots winning?

13 answers · Football (American) · 2 days ago

Tottenham vs Manchester United Predictions?

22 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 3 days ago
Best answer: I hate to say it but I think United will win 2 or 3 - 0. Spurs have worked their socks off during December. They are struggling with a number of injuries, and are just very tired in general!

Who are you tipping to get promoted to the Premier League this season?

14 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 2 days ago

How much was Cody Parkey paid by the NFL to miss that kick?

9 answers · Football (American) · 20 hours ago
They had to get the best defense in the league out of the playoffs. It would have ruined their narrative and the exciting offensive explosions the current teams are capable of.

Best answer: Yes, he was the best ever British sportsman and he gave us so many great tennis moments especially when he won Wimbledon.

Anyone surprised Man Utd beat Spurs ?

17 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 3 days ago
Other than Spurs fans who seemed to think it'd be an easy win ?

Cech to retire at the end of the season when he'll be 37, is it too soon?

10 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 1 day ago

Why do blacks celebrate after every play?

21 answers · Football (American) · 4 days ago

Best answer: He is NOT THE BEST OF ALL TIME. he has to stand in line among other great athletes who laid the foundation and paved the way for him.

Football Section War 1: Who will win the battle?

11 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 2 days ago
Best answer: Me, Nabinho and Dave in the same team is just far too overpowered.