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Do girls like giving handjobs?

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The last 2 times I masturbated, I started my period. Each time I was only off my period for like a day but once I masturbated and orgasmed it triggered a period, I bled and bit and it stopped. I know I didn’t cut myself because their was a blood clot, should I be worried??????

No I'm not sexually active, and no, I'm not a troll.

Do Pap smears hurt??

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I’m 23 years old & haven’t gotten a Pap smear before. I’m not sexually active but I’m scared as hell that it’ll hurt.

How to stop them from sagging?

Why isn't rape allowed ?

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I mean like, would you resist if you saw a very hot and pretty girl walking alone on a desert street at night ? There's no straight man that would.

Best answer: Yes. If you have tossed the wrapper out just wrap in toilet paper and dispose in the metal bin or trash can . Wash hands with soap = ✅ done

Am I pregnant?

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my boyfriend (20) and I (18) had sex for the first time on the 6th, it’s now the 11th. he wore a condom but did ejaculate inside with the condom on. I never really know when my period is coming because i don’t track, however i do know it was supposed to be coming soon after. in the next few days actually, it’s now... show more

Best answer: no you don't

I'm 19,virgin and had a period since I was 11 and ive never had this before until this cycle..I'm due any day now and my boobs have been very sore/feeling bruised and have huge hard masses in them for a week now..I'm so scared this has neevr happened before..why now all the sudden? Is it normal ??

Best answer: Pick these socks up with a pair of tongs and throw them in the trash. Hopefully your bf will then wear a new pair. Also take him sock and washing detergent shopping and get a range of socks and teach him how to wash them. I bet his mother did his washing and he honestly hasn't got a clue.

Best answer: No one is sweatie :)

What is the name of this revolver?

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Best answer: 455 Webley Mk VI World War II British military.