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I am a 24 year old woman.I am engineer and came to Germany for a business.I met a German guy ,he is 33 years old.I am so interested in him. I have flirted with a lot of men but never feel ready and comfortable to have sex with any of them but i really want to have sex with this guy.Should i tell him that i'm... show more

How to make my period hurt less?

40 answers · 2 weeks ago
No pills

Best answer: It's a personal decision. I was always taught to put off having children in teens to mid twenties, now I'm 35 and panicking that it may never happen for me because unfortunately life got in the way (not to mention I still don't feel ready to have kids). Don't rush into it but remember that life... show more

Terrible cramps!! What do I do?

18 answers · 2 weeks ago
I’m sixteen and every time I get my period I have terrible cramps. I’ve had it since I was 11, and they’ve always been bad. Sometimes I throw up or pass out because of the pain. I’ve tried Advil, Tylenol, Pamprin, and Alieve, but nothing works. Neither does exercise or hotwaterbottles. The pain is debilitating, I... show more

Are you allergic to nut?

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Best answer: If it is customary and one of your expectations, why wasn't it agreed to prior to your marriage? You do not marry someone and THEN make demands like this. Divorce and start over... maybe you can find someone who follows your primitive cultural customs.

I'm stupid I know but I had sex while on uti treatment and now I'm done with the antiobiotic (macrobid) after 7 days and there's a burning sensation still...had sex on like day three of the treatment. Any advice?

I wouldn’t call it assault bc they didn’t know they were doing anything I didn’t want. But i didn’t and I feel gross about it. But what would I call it?

Best answer: It is said that "women become naughty at the age of forty", It is all due to hyper activity of hormones. You are lucky to enjoy sex life again like a 16 years old girl.

I think I have bacterial vagnosis that turned into pelvic inflammatory disease and i don’t want to tell my mom about it. I have a whole bottle of penicillin from a little while ago that i didn’t use, would it be bad to use that to get rid of this without going to the doctor

Best answer: You should go see a doctor about being anemic and having irregular periods. To prevent being anemic, you should change your diet and eat iron rich foods.

I’m 13 years old, October 11 I got my first period, I haven’t gotten it since. Is this normal? I’m not sexually active btw

Isn't it delightful that our fellow Northern Europeans have decided to choose a nationalist government who will hopefully deal with this scourge of rape and terror gangs. Tis a dull day most of which got spent waiting for my private doctor. Since yesterday my nose has been running with chills and fevers. I... show more

Hi! So, my sister is having pain in her clitorus. People say it's normal, more sensitivity than others and what not, but there's more to it. She's on her period, but she has Endometriosis. She's been taking her pills, of course, however she may have forgotten time to time. Is this normal, is it just... show more

My sister has a cyst in her throat..I want to know if that could be the cause..Could swallowing sperm or having oral cause a cyst to grow on your throat?

Best answer: Roughly 0%. The sex was protected, which would have prevented semen from traveling through your cervix and on its way towards an egg, and he pulled out which would have kept the bulk of his semen out of you in the first place, and you still had your regular period 2 weeks later which indicates you were not... show more