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Best answer: Vegeta comes to mind.

Best answer: Shazam. He's much stronger and a lot tougher. Captain Marvel simply couldn't damage him. If Shazam landed just a few good strikes he'd knock Captain Marvel down and out.

Best answer: There's a lot. SPOILERS ALERT Naruto: Tons of Sad deaths already from characters like Haku to characters like Jiraiya. Not just these two's death made an impact. There was a lot but if I mentioned all of them... sigh Magnitude 8.0 The way they portrayed Yuki's death and how Mirai was hallucinating or... show more

Best answer: There s 3 main parts from what I ve heard and read: 1. A lot of parents put pressure on their children by passing down the belief that an amazing university and grades is the only thing that matters. 2. Getting help like therapy is looked down upon no matter what the therapy is for in most cases 3. Bullying is a... show more

Who's going to see Captain Marvel?

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Best answer: Already seen it. Can never look at a cat the same way again. Good enough movie. Too many people pick and whine at too many immaterial things in these works of fiction. It has a few twists, a slow bit in the middle then a fun butt whooping and savior moment. No details will be given, but it was worth seeing, to me. show more

Nightwing vs Kingpin?

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Best answer: Nightwing. Nightwing has fighting and acrobatics skills to take out Wilson. Kingpin cannot take down Nightwing and no matter how strong he is. Dick would electrocute Wilson with Escrima Stick.

Best answer: They are. Dark Horse Comics character Hellboy is getting a new movie this April. Valiant Comics characters like Bloodshot and The Harbingers are getting movies starting in 2020, as is Image Comics character Spawn.

What anime should I watch?

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So, I've always been a nerd, but I've never been the Japanese nerd or anime nerd. Just things like harry potter and the flash. Well, recently my friends have been wanting me to watch attack on titans and I love it. To the point I even decided to read my first manga to see what happens next. I've seen... show more

Best answer: While it wasn't spelled out in the movie itself, the producers have confirmed that in The Avengers, he was under a form of mind control from the Mind Stone in the staff Thanos gave him.

Best answer: In the film, Fury befriends a cat named Goose he found near a scientist's office. Later on, it is revealed that Goose is a Flerken, an alien species with testicles that can eat anything. Towards the end, Goose scratches Fury's eye. Fury assumed he would be OK, but it is implied that a Flerken scratch is a... show more

Was Captain Marvel good?

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Best anime to watch?

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Best answer: Lol. I'm sure some democratic woman will be talking about it before long. Those damn men hating a woman that has a history of making sexist comments!

Best answer: Wonder Woman will win if she can keep Rogue at a distance. People underestimate Rogue, if she touches Diana, it's over. And it's hard to fight someone without touching them. Diana will have to use her lasso for a long range attack, and choke the life out of her or something. She's strong enough to do it.

Best answer: If the publisher see this this they may cry copyright infringement

Best answer: Not counting clones and imposters, there have been at least 3 different characters in comics named Captain Marvel. Billy Batson was the first one, in Fawcett Comics. However, the copyright on the name lapsed after they went bankrupt. Marvel Comics then made Mar-Vell using the name Captain Marvel on the cover,... show more

Best answer: Are you talking about the MMO game DC Universe Online, or the streaming service DC Universe? And why exactly did you get banned?