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Which sentence is better?

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A. Out of thin air the magician produced three birds. B. Out of thin air, the magician produced three birds. Thanks!

As long as you can read it what is the problem? I don't get it, I find it so pathetic.

Which expression is correct?

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Best answer: ‘Thank you so much’ often seems more genuine. It happens to be less formal, and it implies that the person saying it really means it. ‘Thank you very much’ is often used out of courtesy, or to make a ‘thank you’ a bit longer. Sometimes it’s even used sarcastically.

Best answer: No, but they should live alone or be ostracized. They are sociopaths.

Which word is correct?

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Best answer: "The woman had a tattoo on her arm" is the normal way, noting the appearance of her body. Tattoos are never carved! That would imply serious bleeding as the tattoos were made, thus guaranteeing that very few people would get tattoos. "The women had her arm tattooed" says that she went into a... show more

Need help with English please?

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What does it mean to 'drag down' something? Here is the original context: "God! Shoot the ones dragging down the barb wire." Does it mean that they were climbing over the barb wire or pulling it along like you'd drag something on the floor?

From which country does it originate?

Best answer: They can be the same thing. They can also be things that are similar but not identical. The thesaurus does not deal in detailed definitions or nuances. It only lists words that may, in some circumstances, be substituted for each other.

Which sentence is correct?

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I put lots of pepper to my food I put lots of peppers to my food

Well firstly, I'm honoured that you felt that you could confide in me

Prison sentence?

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What does [sic] mean?

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