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I find it annoying when people say 'anyways', or 'butttuh' (instead of but uh). "But uh' would be annoying also, but not NEARLY as annoying as 'but tuh'.

Best answer: A few things in this case it was BIG black c0ck. But BIG BLOCK CHEVY BRITISH BROADCASTING COMPANY So depends on context. If I were talking cars BBC is a big Chevy engine. Father Brown is British Broadcasting. I don't suffer from pen!s envy. If he talks like that to you again slap him. He's a POS and... show more

the phrase "so what??". it is the expression of a teenager of being persistence and stubborn?

How do you count corn in english?

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For example, there are " 3 corns" in this picture ?

What does "at the alter" mean?

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Head above water by Avril Lavigne God, keep my head above water Don t let me drown, it gets harder I ll meet you there at the altar As I fall down to my knees I couldnt find alter as a noun in my dictionary, could you please tell me the meaning?

Best answer: The addition of the word "all" makes it a sweeping or absolute statement. On other topics that would decrease the likelihood of the statement being correct, but since the only commonality when it comes to atheism is a disbelief in deities both statements in this case would be either false or outright... show more

Is my sentence correct?

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(I have 250 grams soup and 500 grams butter) => I dont have as much soup as butter should i use much or many

Best answer: Pride has multiple usages: it can mean being conscientious about one's craft; it can mean satisfaction; it can mean stubborn adherence to what we think is best (especially in ourselves.) Arrogance is always the last of those with an implication of being outspoken about it. The examples you give can both be... show more

Can you help me with English please?

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Best answer: It means the common, usual, expected set of rules. Remember, there are 3-D chess boards and Star Trek chess boards and other unusual arrangements.

Best answer: It's a gosh darn mystery to me.

Best answer: Percolate

Please choose one of them?

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Which of the following is another name for dominoes? Hen's teeth Roulades Dotages Bones Thanks!

What is meant by dark?

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People have told me recently that they didn't like someone who I knew. They said when they met him that they didn't get good vibes and thought he was dark. What does this mean?

She uses her public onlookers’s reactions to further explore

Best answer: Stopping means to put an end to something, and maintaining means to continue nurturing it.