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Could anyone tell me how drop differs from fall when they mean something moves quickly downwards (onto the ground)?

I’ve always heard this but it doesn’t make sense.Wouldnt there eventually only be one person that’s the baddest of them all?

Which word is correct?

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Best answer: Both are.correct grammer. But like the other posters before me. Gathered means they just collected what grew wild. Harvested means got what they planted at an earlier time. Various, in the example you use sounds like they were wild plants I am a native speaker of American English for over 60 years.

Best answer: It means if you think that the evidence against somebody is inconclusive you chose to assume the best about them unless something else changes your mind later.

"That's after Sunday's crash in Ethiopia killed 157 people." I don't understand the grammer. I wonder it is "killing".

How to kill my self?

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I’m writing a book. How can I quickly kill my self? There’s no pills or anything, would going outside and getting hit by a car be the best option?

What is a antonym for crafty?

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Which sentence is correct?

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Best answer: The cow is milked, it cannot milk its self!

Wht does imao mean?

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Best answer: Lots of people, loads of people, plenty of people, dozens of people, crowds of people, throngs of people...?

Best answer: They are both correct, but you need punctuation in the second. See my various options below. 1, That you are coming to the UK is good news. (Fine, no changes needed.) 2a, You are coming to the UK. That is good news. [separate sentences] 2b, You are coming to the UK: that is good news. [colon] 2c, You are coming... show more

"Hello, I have an issue with my order. One product of my order just didn't arrived with the others. Can you help me to solve it? Thank you."

Best answer: of course. adapt means to modify behavior or functions to better meet the needs of the situation. Evolve means to change in a systematic way with the passage of time. Quite often, adaptations lead to evolution, as demonstrated by the socialization of pretty well any human child as they become adults. But it... show more

Is this sentence correct?

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Whom do you admire?

Best answer: Diverters fraudulently obtain consumer goods at discounted prices from manufacturers and distributors (referred to as "Corporate Victims" in the Indictment) of consumer products by falsely informing them that those products would be donated to non-profit organizations for promotional purposes. Instead,... show more

A. He threw his old socks with other rubbish into the wastebasket. B. He threw his old socks along with other rubbish into the wastebasket. Thanks!

state they are going to win the competition. Is that confidence or arrogance, and please state the reason why?