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What does it mean to be classy?

12 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 15 hours ago
Best answer: Grace is a kind of harmony, similar to beauty, but beauty is a gift from god, and grace is the product of art.Elegance comes from culture and develops in culture. (of something) graceful and graceful.Elegant and beautiful | environment elegant (of a person) graceful and elegant.Be classy | be classy Someone speaks... show more

Is it ok to wear sweat pants instead of jeans in college?

22 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 1 day ago
I'm 18 years old guy senior in a private high school and here in school we have a dress code. But in September I will start college and I will wear nice shirt, expensive jacket or leather jacket, sweat pants and also nice shoes. Today I was in that college that I would be studying it next year and I saw all... show more

Do you think Paris Hilton is classy?

15 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 15 hours ago
Best answer: A classy woman doesn't make a sex tape then has it leaked onto the Internet in order to draw attention to herself. So no, she's not classy. Some people think money can buy you class but it can't. You're only classy because your character exemplifies that you are. She's a 'ho.


14 answers · Hair · 22 hours ago

What do guys think of pubic hair?

10 answers · Hair · 5 hours ago
Are all of them interested in the brazilian style? I personally think it's weird to have nothing down there.

How do I get my hair to become naturally curly?

11 answers · Hair · 20 hours ago

Is this too much for a 14 year old?

43 answers · Makeup · 5 days ago
Best answer: Don't worry, keep your chin up and slay that makeup if you want. Age is just a number, and if your parents allow you to wear it, you are fine. Slay it queen!

Why do men prefer straight hair on women?

10 answers · Hair · 8 hours ago

Do you support Donald Trump or do you support ISIS?

11 answers · Polls & Surveys · 50 mins ago
You are with us or against us.

Do diamond studs look good on guys?

31 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 4 days ago
I'm really considering on getting diamond studs but I'm still not sure? Would it make a big difference on someone or at the end of they day would it not matter?

Are you high on general anesthesia after a rhinoplasty?

8 answers · Other - Skin & Body · 2 hours ago
just curios if i’ll be high saying weird things after my nose job

I’ve got two questions regarding hair care.?

10 answers · Hair · 24 hours ago
First: How often shall I shampoo my hair in summer? Second : If I run on the treadmill daily, do I need to shampoo daily or is cold water enough to clean my sweaty hair?

Can I wear nice jeans to a memorial being held at a restaurant?

27 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 4 days ago
Best answer: Yes I think since it's at a restaurant it's okay -Kate Yelkovan

How to get GF to shave/wax pubic hair?

8 answers · Hair · 19 hours ago
Best answer: U know I went through the same thing with my fiance when we first got together. I just nicely brought up the subject one day with him and politely asked if he would consider trying to trim his pubic hair down short then showed him mine as an example lol. I told him I didnt mean any offense by it or anything, but... show more

Is it normal to pull out my hair?

9 answers · Hair · 4 days ago