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Why is my mom mad about me doing my taxes?

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My mom wants my tax and since I have a 1 year old son she wants everything done together under here I am thinking she's trying to do...I told her I already filed mine and she complained why I told her I know how to do it and done it free and she says I'm not suppose to do my own tax?? Is she trying to get... show more

How much does someone have to make to owe taxes? Someone told me if a individual makes less than 100k a year they wouldn’t end up oweing. Also how much money can someone get back on their tax refund? Is it possible for someone to get $40k back on their tax refund.

I work in Canada, pay Canadian taxes and only do business and shop in Canada. Should I just start ignoring the IRS? I'm beginning to think it's a scam.

My car (a 1993 Ford Taurus station wagon) was declared as junk late last year after its front cross-member frame rotted away and that part cannot be replaced. Because of that, the car is hopeless and cannot be driven. I checked Kelly Blue Book s website and it stated there s no value in that car in poor... show more

Why is my tax refund low this year ?

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Can I claim any mileage reimbursement on my taxes?

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It seems kind of stupid to be dwelling on something that has absolutely nothing to do with the current return, does it not? And how do they not already have the correct information on file?

I already filed my taxes how do I change my bank information?

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How much will I get paid after taxes?

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I am 16 years old and about to get a job making $20 an hour (before taxes) by recovering refrigerant for the town of Brookhaven on Long Island, New York. How much do you think I will get paid after taxes an hour?

My grandmother has been a resident of the US for 5 years now, because of her medical conditions, it is to expensive to pay for health insurance. If I claim her as my dependent, and god forbid something happens, will I have to pay her medical bills because she is my dependent? My grandmother has been living with me... show more

Think about it. All these wealthy Americans, not paying taxes. Even Trump himself says he takes advantage of the loopholes. How many? For how long? No one knows.

Best answer: No, you don't have to file. No real harm in filing out a 1040EZ anyhow and putting that you have 0 income and owed nothing and are getting nothing back - just to show the IRS you did it, but its not needed.

I have been checking the irs refund update and one week ago today was the first day it showed “received” (electronically filed). Since it has been a week should the status have changed to approved or something else? Thanks

I just started a new job a few months ago and have been putting money away into my employer sponsored 457B plan. I got my W2 from my employer but nothing from the 457 investment account. Will the deductions be shown on my W2? I already dropped it with my tax guy so I cant look now. My online deferred comp accunt... show more

Am disabled no need to file taxes how do I prove this?

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