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Best answer: the best ones are already listed, but I'll throw a few others in there: Sleuth Memento The Usual Suspect L.A. Confidential (not really known as a "twist" movie, but there is something that happens halfway through that no one I've talked to was expecting.) The Game The Prestige

Back when I was younger when I went to see movies people clapped at the end every time! Now nobody claps at all! I want to know what happened!

Best answer: The Scorpion King

Does anyone else notice this? in almost every single new movie that comes out that's either scary or funny will show naked women but never naked men! This is unfair to me, it's like wtf?

I like bizarre movies, one's that make you question reality. I was really into the show Fringe when it first came out. I like x-men and superhero movies. I am not into any drama and romance. I like sci-fiction, any show that extends my imagination of technology. Altas Cloud was good, really unique. So any... show more

Could Ghostbusters 2 Happen?

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Best answer: Are you from another worldline, or just high? That movie did terribly. There's no way investors would sponsor another film with the same cast.

Best answer: 2010: Toy Story 3 2011: The Muppets 2012: The Avengers 2013: Iron Man 3 2014: Guardians of the Galaxy 2015: Inside Out 2016: Zootopia 2017: Coco 2018: Avengers: Infinity War BQ: Avengers: Endgame Please

Favorite zombie movie?

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Best answer: return of the living dead is on my list to see. But for now it's the 1978 Dawn of the dead. And night of the living dead (1968) is my 2nd favorite!

Best answer: Yes, good eye. They were Siamese twins but were separated in their youth.

Best answer: Halloween

My friend is an "Original Elitist" where he has this attitude that the "Original" version of something will always be better than the new versions will always suck, He makes it a fact. Even if it's objectively not true. For example Let's say a movie came out in the 70s, the movie has... show more

Best answer: Thanos.

Saddest movie you ever watched?

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Best answer: I actually think CASINO was highly under rated. All the attention went to Goodfellas, but Casino was just as good , if not better. But perhaps one of his BEST, was easily Taxi Driver.

What is your favorite movie series?

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Best answer: Star Wars.

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