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Are there any good Atheist movies?

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Best answer: The original book, by Roald Dahl, was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The 1971 movie wanted it to be more about Willy Wonka than about Charlie, plus they had a merchandising deal on the side to make Willy Wonka branded candy (which I believe is still made today!), so they changed it to Willy Wonka and the... show more

What is your favorite movie?

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Best answer: Spirit of Christmas (hallmark) Snow Queen (hallmark) Pirates of the Caribbean series

Best answer: Ian Fleming, the man who developed the character, would not approve of that. Such a move would also advance the agenda to wipe out Europeans from all areas of life. Bond is actually supposed to be a Scottish-Germanic hybrid, but since so much of the West lacks advanced racial awareness, they would not notice. I... show more

Why do so many modern movies suck?

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What are good movies from the 90s?

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Best answer: Too many to name them all but here's a list. 1. Dazed and Confused (1993) 2. Demolition Man (1993) 3. Twister (1996) 4. Falling Down (1993) 5. Tremors (1990) 6. The Rock (1996) 7. Enemy Of The State (1998) 8. Ghosts of Mississippi (1996) - Based on a true story. 9. Dante's Peak (1997) 10. Black Dog... show more

He bought me good things such as the X Men, Spiderman and other beloved Marvel characters of mine. His movie cameos were always something that I looked forward too, why did he have to pass on it's not fair at all.

Best answer: The Wizard of number two.

Best answer: Same! Grew up with Finding Nemo ♡

The movie I wanted to watch again was taken out of theaters last Friday but it came out October 13th. Shouldn't movies be in theaters for more than a month?

Best answer: Those who make such a claim are speaking out of their áršes. His casting and his portrayal of Vito Corleone were both outstanding. Where Marlon Brando found his jollies away from the screen was immaterial to his role. He appears to have been bisexual to some degree but so what?

Best answer: Yes. Jessica Jones. She gets into a fight with Luke Cage during the first season.