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I remember my 8 grade history teacher was teaching us about how secret society’s run the government and they get paid by doing symbols and making black males wear dresses and history events being hoaxes stuff like that, obviously I was too young I thought he was crazy but years later everything he said was... show more

Why do I do well in school?

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I don’t do any homework and I always leave my projects and assignments until very last minute. Also, I never study for the tests or quizzes. I don’t understand why I still get high 90s yet I don’t try at all. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

I'm currently in ninth grade, and I'm trying to be a writer. I haven't been doing good in school lately due to me missing some assignments and such. I've been trying to make up assignments and do good on tests, but so far I've been pretty behind. Today, my mom confronted me and told me that... show more

What should I say?

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Best answer: < I got > < Asking for a friend. > Yeah, right. Ask them if you were adopted.

if I am 18

I skip school 1-3 times a week not because I don’t want to but because I physically cannot go. I’m getting therapy but it’s going a little too slow.

Best answer: in a socialist country, the dogma would require that all schools be government schools

Best answer: You need to bring this to the attention of your school counselors and the principal. Also discuss this with your parents. It is your school's LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY to provide you a safe and nurturing environment where you can get your education. Apparently, this isn't happening. Talk to your parents, and... show more

Best answer: Because many students sit there like lumps and do not understand. All it takes is one brave student to say, "No" and the class will get the information presented so that everyone should be able to understand. For every student who admits to not understanding, there are about a dozen others in the same... show more

Best answer: You just followed what everyone else was doing in kindergarten or preschool or whatever

Both of those things are products of capitalism.

Do these Marxist know that Marx lived in squalor and starved his children. Only three of his seven children even survived into adulthood. And let's touch in his hypocrisy. He claimed to be for the workers and wrote that factory workers were slaves. But he was supported by Engels, who, was wealthy from owning... show more