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I really can’t do my homework?

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I know this sounds lazy but you just don’t understand. I really really need a way to convince my siblings or parents to do my homework for me because I’m so so tired and busy and depressed and I just CANT. And please don’t go telling me that I should stop complaining you don’t understand just please help.

Can everyone please help?

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I'm dying on the street. I had severe health issues and lost it all 7 months ago. I am close to suicide. No family. I need help, please don't suggest government resources they do not help and are at full capacity. This is my final cry for help. I need help getting off the streets and back to work.

Best answer: This is a complicated field and I think you need to discuss this with a lawyer, who will refer you to someone who specializes in this. You may have some recourse in removing the photo (although that will be difficult) but more important -- if you wish to pursue this -- is you may have some legal recourse against... show more

Best answer: astrophysics

Help me with math homework plz?

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1. 4 days :20 seconds 2. 1 week : 30 hours 3. 2 days :12 seconds 4. 1 year :20 hours 5. 50 pounds : 2 tons

Best answer: The *range* is how far the function goes up and down. It's the set of all possible output (y) values. Notice how the graph goes up to infinity on the left and right. But notice how it only comes down to y = -4. It never goes below that. So the range would be all values of y where y is -4 or greater. In... show more

Best answer: USA is stronger. Russia depends almost entirely on gas and oil for its income. When the price of it goes down, the Russian economy is in dire straights. Putin diverts attention from it by recreating the Cold War.

Its for my classwork

Best answer: The power transmission device between the automobile engine and the drive wheel is called the drive train of the car.

Best answer: cereal is wheat soup

Best answer: Ruler tries for balance, fails; he is judging by outward standards, and might have done better to find potential husbands based on their character and compatibility with each of his first two daughters. The third daughter, a hairdresser, has more of a personal interest in hair, but while she's happy, it's... show more

Best answer: Why do some people always oppose change...because it doesn't profit 'them' and may reduce their profits/ interests. Many of the American rich businessmen established along the east coast for instance, saw no reason for the US to expand into the West, that would not add to 'their' riches, may... show more

When is my physics homework due?

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Best answer: DKDC