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He never wants anything to do with me except for when he needs something. He looks at me and makes a sighing noise all the time. I can feel that he is very distant towards me and most other people.

Name an old Yahoo Answers user that you miss?

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Best answer: Yes, it is certainly possible and both can be treated.

Should I get Fallout 76?

7 answers · Video & Online Games · 17 hours ago
I ve heard some not so great things and read some bad reviews about Fallout 76, but I have enjoyed the other Fallout games a lot and what I ve seen it looks pretty fun. I m considering buying Fallout 76 in the near future. Tell me reasons why I should or should not get it.

Do you think Trump is a great President?

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Please help I’m begging you, Is this cancer?

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16 Male, last week I found a large lump, probably matching the size of a golf ball on my left armpit. Immediately I panicked and had a doctors appointment the following day. The doctor said my chest X days came back clear and he didn’t think it was a lymphnode, but a cyst or trapped bodily fluids. I’ve been... show more

Best answer: C.All of the above

Why can’t Jea admit to being Catholic?

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Best answer: he's embarrassed of being catholic.

Air freshener has harmful effect to scalp?

5 answers · Skin Conditions · 1 day ago
Best answer: People with chemical sensitivities could possibly react to something in the air freshener. Reactions to volatile chemicals tend to affect the respiratory system. Its possible for chemicals to cause skin reaction, but it would be very unusual to a have a skin reaction only on the scalp. Skin reactions caused by... show more

Do I have strep throat?

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When I woke up this morning I had discomfort on my throat, whenever I swallow my throat feels scratchy and I feel like I have to constantly clear my throat and cough. I had a cold a few weeks ago and got over it. I tried to see if I had any white stuff on my tonsils and I don’t see any. I don’t have a fever or... show more

Genital herpes?

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Hello I am a female and have many sores. There has been bleeding and pain every few ours but I’m not on my period. Is it from the herpy outbreak!

Would you Vote Trump again ?

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Best answer: Anyone who did the first time is a brain dead imbecile. To do it again would make them a clinical psychopath.

Why is there blood when I poop?

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Yo wat up! My name Justin I just wanna know why is there ************* blood when I ****. What is up wit dat. That **** crazy as freak. It reminds me of that drake song "I'm Upset" when he goes "Got a lot of blood and it's cold" That remind me of my situation. Anyways let me no. Bye

Can healthy individuals get oral thrush?

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Best answer: Thrush is a fungal infection and anyone can get it. Oral thrush normally arises because of poor kitchen hygiene, so that the spores are transmitted through your food, or by kissing an infected person. Canesten products will generally get rid of thrush very quickly. They come in various forms depending on where... show more

Best answer: How bad does it have to get before you get in your car and go to the ER? I am retired now but, I am a seasoned nurse and what you are listing for s/s is serious Please go now!