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Could I get aids from getting poked by a staple?

8 answers · Infectious Diseases · 18 hours ago
Today I bought a pizza and when I was going to throw it away my finger got poked by staples because the receipt was stapled on the box. I know I’m being really paranoid but could the person making the pizza also get poked and possibly have hiv then I could get it because I got poked. By the way no blood came out of... show more

It goes up to 180/120 when I skip or forget to take them.

Do i have diabetes?

14 answers · Diabetes · 2 days ago
Ok so lately i have been experiencing frequent urination fatigue and thirst often. so is this a good thing or a bad thing??

Best answer: Infection is eliminated with the help of antibiotics and by the immune system right? Lets think of foodstuff that boosts the immune system that are also natural antibiotics. Firstly - Keep your stomach filled with vegetables in a hot soup. Fresh garlic - russian soldiers used that when their antibiotics ran out.... show more

Do I have food poisoning?

10 answers · Infectious Diseases · 2 days ago
Shorty after eating pizza (around 30-45 minutes) last night I was having very bad stomach cramps for a period of 20 minutes. Now this morning I have an upset stomach. I have had no fever, vomiting, or dehydration.

In coma for 8 days?........?

7 answers · Heart Diseases · 1 day ago
Best answer: She is still in a coma? I remember you asking this last week. I do hope she pulls out of it. But if she does not, it just may be her time to go, and at least right now, she is at peace, sleeping. Is she hooked up to a ventilator(breathing machine)? IF she is, that means she is being kept alive artificially. If... show more

Worrying about my acid reflux had it all day?

6 answers · Other - Diseases · 4 hours ago

Do you have herpes?

8 answers · STDs · 2 days ago

No swelling, no redness, but pain! did tests for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, everything came back negative. Body inglamation, red blood cells, white blood cells normal. I have this issue 1 month already and it just getting worse. Doctors don't know what medications to give. Tried Prednisone did not help. They... show more

Blood poisoning?

4 answers · Infectious Diseases · 5 days ago
I’ve been up all night worrying and freaking out about my health I fear I have infected wisdom teeth ( but they aren’t hurting ) , I started off feeling very hot and my face was red and ears too , everytime I fall asleep I wake up sweating , I took my temperature at its 98.0 should I be worried? Is this all in my... show more

My lowest blood pressure to date was last night 66 over 38 and the machine tracked my heart rate as being irregular. For years now I have struggled with standing upright for too long as I start to feel dizzy and my vision blurs. My legs also go red and purple like mottled and all hot. Does anyone know what this... show more

Do you prefer Cow's milk or Soya milk?

12 answers · Allergies · 4 days ago
I'm lactose intolerant - cow's milk and certain dairy products make me violently sick so I can't have them anymore. (Amazingly I'm fine with chocolate, butter and cheese and that's why I am sure I'm lactose intolerant instead of allergic to cow's milk. I refuse to see my doctor about it... show more

Woke up with a temperature of 96.6?

7 answers · Infectious Diseases · 2 days ago
I ve been fighting an illness that s been causing fever for about the past week. I ve been taking an Antibiotic and fever reducing medicine. Since yesterday, I ve been starting to feel better, and the fever has been going down. But this morning I woke up and took my temperature and it was 96.6ºF. Is this bad?

How do people get cancer?

9 answers · Cancer · 3 days ago
So it's not contagious, how does it appear? Environment, genetics?

What causes high blood sugar?

4 answers · Diabetes · 18 hours ago

Does coffee can cause diabetes?

5 answers · Diabetes · 20 hours ago
especially those blended coffee....

Random rough heartbeat is it normal?

5 answers · Heart Diseases · 2 days ago
Best answer: It is very normal in most of us.