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Is 98.8 considered a fever?

9 answers · Infectious Diseases · 2 days ago
Best answer: No. A low grade fever is between 99.7 deg Fahrenheit and 100.4 Fahrenheit.

I was eating dinner with a group of my friends when, unbeknownst to me, splotches began to appear on my face. I did, however, notice itchiness between my inner thighs, all over my scalp, and some near my armpits. I noticed the splotches on my face when I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and upon doing... show more

Should I worry about germs on my bathroom door knobs and handles?

7 answers · Infectious Diseases · 1 day ago

What happens if you eat Poison Ivy?

6 answers · Skin Conditions · 16 hours ago

Scared of Cirvical cancer:(?

6 answers · Mental Health · 2 hours ago
Right!...I'm absolutely scrapping my self. Ok so Sunday night I had really bad lower belly pains! ..the next night on Monday I came on my period!..it's not heavy but not light at all either!..the thing is, I'm not supposed to be on until around the 25th of this month..which would make me about 10 says... show more

Scared of cervical cancer :(?

5 answers · Mental Health · 2 hours ago

Is my blood pressure good 103/48?

5 answers · Heart Diseases · 2 days ago

What are some foods that won't clog your arteries?

11 answers · Heart Diseases · 7 days ago

Can too much salt cause feet to swell?

8 answers · Heart Diseases · 4 days ago

Can you get pimples on your breast or chest area?

5 answers · Skin Conditions · 2 days ago