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Best answer: An alcoholic should never ever drink again! There is no such thing as drinking once in awhile if you are an alcoholic.

Best answer: Some hens prefer more cocks

Best answer: Could you be meaning precautionary radiotherapy? This is done as a precaution after a cancerous tumour is removed in case any malignant cells remain at the tumour site.


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I feel really dizzy at work and I get a lot of headaches is it normal? Once I fainted at work and since then I get dizzy feelings most of the time. I feel really weird soemtimes as if I haven’t been at work this whole time.?????

Is a blood pyessure of 149/109 good that was my reading?

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Best answer: Lay Off the salt

Mom doesn’t get me vaccinated?

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Hello. I’m a 13 year old female, and my entire family is very anti-vaccine. I’m not just talking direct family - my younger cousins are both entirely unvaccinated, and their mother is very actively protesting against them. There’s an anti-vaccine poster hanging in the family cottage. I don’t mind it, oddly enough.... show more

Best answer: We don't. You cannot hold your breath without breathing in before you black out which is why people can drown in as little of one minute under water.

Are gemini's bad at sex?

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Im an gemini/cancer cusp closer to gemini tho. I read that gems are bad in bed because they are too caught up in their thoughts and also impatient. For me I felt as if that was accurate. It also said gems care more about being able to say they are active, then doing the act itself? What do you guys think?

Alcohol psychosis problem?

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in my family We used to drink we russian drink from young age we know are limit and not to be vary drunk. but i star to Pay attention to my sister evertime she drink Even beer she cant stop i am going to sleep after a A small bottle of wisky and i wake up and i see her with more2 bottle (i am vary teird after... show more

Best answer: Maybe but it is risky

Hello, I am 36 and I am single. I am becoming very paranoid and worried these days about meeting new people and get to know them if they are someone who are not from my circle or community. I have a feeling when I get in relationship eventually with that person and get intimate and catch something even with... show more

Going to work when have allergies ?

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Best answer: Take an antihistamine like Benadryl, Allegra or Flonase.

How to not sneeze or have a runny nose at work ?

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Best answer: i would suggest taking an allergy medicine everyday and using a nose spray before going to work in the morning.

I've never know what is what, but these three topics are so confusing. Can someone just say if they can be cured, and whether they are cured with creams or surgery? I don't know what is what.

What does kidney infection feel like?

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Last Saturday I was at er for UTI my pee turned to straight blood by the time I got there after six hours they sent me home with no antibiotics told me drink lots of water well by Monday the pai was worse so I called a doctor and they were shocked I wasn’t given antibiotics so they prescribed me Bactrim DS I have... show more

What can cause a bloody stool?

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