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Can anyone reccomend good fountain pens if you're left handed?

8 answers · Primary & Secondary Education · 3 days ago
I keep getting detention at school because all my pens smudge (we have to use fountain pens) and the teacher can't read my writing. We get to choose our own fountain pen but I can't find any that work for left handers. Any advice would be really useful

Do i have to take certain courses/classes in college to join the US Army?

7 answers · Higher Education (University +) · 5 hours ago
i want to attempt to become a special forces soldier(green beret) in the army. sense i only have a GED i also need college credits to even enlist with a 18Xray contract(i could be wrong on that,feel free to correct me if i am wrong please). i am not sure if your are required to take certain classes for a certain... show more

What word or phrase really annoys you?

40 answers · Words & Wordplay · 3 days ago
I find it annoying when people say 'anyways', or 'butttuh' (instead of but uh). "But uh' would be annoying also, but not NEARLY as annoying as 'but tuh'.

Why did it take so long for U.S. troops to enter combat?

12 answers · Homework Help · 2 days ago

Is the purpose of life to have sex and die?

20 answers · Homework Help · 3 days ago
Natural selection relies on two things: 1) the fit reproducing 2) the unfit dying so...?

How to be a good student?? Study hard or god givted?

12 answers · Other - Education · 17 hours ago

Who was the greatest Briton in your view?

12 answers · Current Events · 2 days ago
For me it's a close call between Tommy Robinson and Francis Drake. Who would you say is the finest person who this isle has bore? I feel rather unwell today. The doctor believes the low iron in my blood could be the cause. Cherry my carribean chef swears by a Trinidad Chicken liver stew. She says her master... show more

What does BBC mean? If this is perverted I am sorry.?

8 answers · Words & Wordplay · 7 hours ago
Best answer: A few things in this case it was BIG black c0ck. But BIG BLOCK CHEVY BRITISH BROADCASTING COMPANY So depends on context. If I were talking cars BBC is a big Chevy engine. Father Brown is British Broadcasting. I don't suffer from pen!s envy. If he talks like that to you again slap him. He's a POS and... show more

Is the phrase "so what???" used by teenagers?

15 answers · Words & Wordplay · 4 days ago
the phrase "so what??". it is the expression of a teenager of being persistence and stubborn?

Best answer: SCOTUS will never ban abortion or gay marriage. You are just another gullible democrat tool manipulated by the scare-mongering tactics of the liberal elites.

How do I make a fake degree?

11 answers · Teaching · 1 day ago
I have already been teaching for 2 years and I want to move to Dada abc online teaching. They ask for a bachelor s degree in any field. They want a photo of it. Can I just print one off or order one? Do they actually research the document or just look at the shiny writing?

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Why hasn’t anyone aged physically since the 9th grade?

12 answers · Primary & Secondary Education · 2 days ago
I go to a 9-12 grade high school. The seniors in my class have been in my classes since the 9th grade. Very few actually physically changed. Most people look exactly the same. It’s been 3 years now, they started at 14 now they’re 17. Thoughts?

Is a Bachelor's degree good enough to get a good job in your opinion?

27 answers · Higher Education (University +) · 6 days ago
Best answer: Only 33 percent of the American public even has a bachelor's degree. Fewer still have them in STEM fields, a good school, or with good grades. There are lots of ways to set yourself apart.

How do you count corn in english?

7 answers · Words & Wordplay · 11 hours ago
For example, there are " 3 corns" in this picture ?